Wilson X Connected Basketball Review

Wilson X Connected Basketball Review

Hey basketball players and trainers,

I’ve some interesting news that will change how you play basketball forever:

Wilson, one of the leading manufacturer of quality basketballs in the world, is at it again! This time, they’ve dropped a Smart Basketball- the first of its kind in the entire world.

How smart it is? Well, it utilizes a Bluetooth sensor technology to sense makes, shots, and misses. The Bluetooth sensor is located inside the ball. To use this mind-blowing technology, you start by downloading the Wilson X Connected App (both Android and iPhone apps available or Google Play for FREE).

The story gets better when you realize that you don’t need to attach any add-ons to the hoops or wearable to your shooting wrist- juts the ball and the app are enough to get the job done.

You don’t even have to put the phone in your pocket for this to work!

I had the Chance of Using Wilson X Connected Basketball:

My friend is an ex-NBA basketball player. Nevertheless, he still loves basketball with all his heart. He likes trying out every new product that comes out in the basketball industry.

Wilson X Connected Basketball Reviews

And when Wilson X Connected came out, he was the first to hint me on a smart basketball that will change your game forever."​

I’ve never used such a ball in my life… I thought. Why shouldn’t we try out this new product together? Soon, we placed an order and after a few weeks of waiting, the ball came knocking.​

It’s been a month now and everything gets better every new day. Allow me to share a few important elements about this game-changer basketball:​

Wider Channels for Unrivaled Grip:

What would happen if this ball held such technology and other quality features but lacked other important elements such as a superior grip, a soft tacky feel, etc.? It will surely be a total miss by Wilson.

Wilson couldn’t let their unique project fail. And they, therefore, decided to include wide channels that make you enjoy a firm, secure grip as you lay the ball around the court.

Mind-blowing Sensor Technology!

Have you watched how Wilson advertises their special basketball? If yes, you know the famous phrase- “The Ball That Tracks Makes and Missies.” This one sounded good to me...

Wilson goes on to summarize the ball as: “An undetectable, built-in smart sensor tracks makes, misses and shot range when paired with the Wilson X app via Bluetooth."​

​Though you might have your fair doubt when you read the above statements, you’ll be surprised that the ball works just as the Wilson explains.

Let me give you a taste of what it feel like to use this unique basketball from Wilson​:

We went to my friend’s home court and connected the ball to the Wilson X Connected iPhone App. We noted that for the ball to connect to the app we had to spin it in the air.

The connection part works without any issues, and in most cases, it connects on the very first try.

Once connected we were offered FOUR different modes to pick from.


Free Range

If you’d like to become a full-on sharp shooter, this is the mode to choose. It involves stopping and popping at 15 feet, fading away from the corner, or shooting from beyond the arc.


Free Throw

As a clutch shooter, you’ll perfect your skills with practice, practice, and practice. Select this mode to help keep track of the misses, makes, and lifetime attempt as you get busy with your routine and form.


Buzzer Beater

As the developer explains… It’s the last play of the game and the ball is in your hands. Can you nail the final shot under pressure as the clock counts down? Made shots add more time. Miss and the clock keeps ticking.


Game Time

Are you obsessed with hitting nail free throws down the trench? Yes? This is the App for you.

We tried all the above modes. And they all work as the manufacturer explains. But we had our challenge- the Game Time mode. To me, it’s the hardest mode to succeed in. but once you’re through, you’ll be glad!

Well done Wilson!


Available in Official NBA Size:

Besides housing such a fantastic technology (that got every player crazy), the basketball also comes in the official NBA size of 29.5”. Not forgetting that there’s also an intermediate size of 28.5”- suitable for kids in basketball.

However, you might note that the ball design is unlike the standard balls you’ve sued before. That is, the panels that exist on the normal ball are interrupted in this ball. This according to the manufacturer, was a way of creating room for the Wilson logo.

Note that the sensor adds No weight to this ball. And apart from the smart Bluetooth technology and the slightly different design above, everything else about the ball looks like that of a normal ball.

In fact, you can’t differentiate it from any other ball as it rock rolls around your court.

Additional features: maximum durability, designed for indoor/outdoor play.​

  • No cords, no charging needed plus it connects wirelessly.
  • A healthy battery that runs for over 100,000 each year.
  • Enjoy authentic Wilson quality in this basketball.
  • Real-time, in-game audio.
  • Designed for indoor/outdoor play.
  • Cutting edge Bluetooth sensor technology that never fails.
  • Comes in both official and intermediate sizes.
  • Pricy.
  • Some people complain that the Android App does not connect. But i do not face this type problem.
  • Perhaps a web interface where you can login into and view your tracking could be better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

01.Where should I play this ball? Indoor or outdoor?

  • Wilson X Connected basketball works on both indoor and outdoor courts. So, feel free to use it in any court that pleases you.

02.Does the Android App work?

  • At the release of this ball, the app was not working. However, Wilson promised to get the APP ready by December 2015.

03.The manufacturer says you can charge the ball. Does this mean that you can’t charge it in any way?

  • The ball does NOT require any charging. It runs on such a strong battery that gets stronger for over 100,000 shots (or 300 shots a year).

Final Verdict:

In summary, I’d highly recommend you to get Wilson X Connected basketball. The ball comes with the most impressive features you’ve ever used before. It gives you a chance to use the Bluetooth sensor technology to track and improve your game. This is the surest way to improve your game. Within the first few weeks of use, you’ll experience tremendous improvements in how you shoot.

The features and performance of this basketball are above and beyond the pricing. The ball I worth every penny you spend on it. Place your order today and experience the smart side of basketball play.​

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