Wilson Wave Phenom Basketball Review

Wilson Wave Phenom Basketball Review

Wilson is known to set the trend when it comes to the most innovative, advanced basketball designs. And they just pressed the dial again!

This time, they’ve come with Wilson Wave Phenom basketball- one of the most uniquely designed basketballs, featuring patented technology (a ball driving the basketball players crazy!)

Apparently, the brand designed this ball to meet one, and ONLY ONE objective- to maximize the grip of an indoor/outdoor basketball. And from the multiple positive reviews from various users, their dream has gone through!

You can now enjoy the best grip ever on basketball, plus other exciting elements that we’ll discuss below:​

Excellent Handling/Control Characteristics​

Starting off with one of the best elements of this that keep on attracting players across the globe:

From the word go, Wilson Wave basketball allows you to enjoy a memorable experience whenever you use in on the court. Very easy to control from one edge of the court to the other.

Wilson Wave Phenom Basketball Review

Pretty easy to handle along the driveway. The wide channel network says it all. Plus the cover has such a soft, tacky feel that makes your hand feel comfortable all game long.

Incredibly Durable Composite Leather:

The entire surface of this lifetime invention from Wilson bears ultra-durable composite leather. This gives the ball a dual-tone that makes it last for an extended period of time.

If you’re familiar with Wilson basketball, then you fully understand how durable their basketball have proven to be, even when put under extensive use. These are balls that you buy once and enjoy using forever.

As if that is not enough, the ball incorporates a Premium Cover Design that ensures that it retains its perfectly round shape for longer.​

Advanced Grip- Feel the Grooves aka the Waves!

This serves as the center of attraction for the Wilson’s Wave Phenom… The ball features the patented Triple Threat Technology!

What’s so special about this? Are you wondering already?

Good, it means that grooves are waves have been embedded on the entire surface of the ball to accomplish Wilson’s aim of giving you the BEST Grip ever.

Note that these waves (24 in total) are precisely recessed in the ball’s surface introduces leverage points that increase ball control.

Designed For Outdoor Play:

Yes, the basketball has been fully designed and customized to meet all your outdoor basketball needs. It stages that great performance that you’ve never n your current basketball.

The fact that it bears a low-density sponge rubber as well as ultra-durable butyl bladder gives you a superior feel for the ball. It produces consistent bounces on the court, driveway, etc. It can withstand any outdoor surface- regardless of how tough it feels.

Best of all, you’ll enjoy this performance for around 2-3 years under extensive use. The period will be even longer with less frequent use.​

Game-Ready Basketball:

Unlike other basketballs that give you the extra task of pumping in the air when they arrive, this ball will make things really simple for you. It comes fully filled with air, making it game ready, right out of the box.

  • Designed for outdoor play.
  • Waves ensure enhanced grip.
  • Great ball handling and control features.
  • Lasts for a long time.
  • Patented Triple Threat Technology.
  • Better bounce.
  • Players using this ball may become sued to the advanced grip offered by this ball and find it hard to transition to other outdoor basketballs.
  • Some balls arrive in deflated form.
  • The pricing is a bit higher.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Does the ball come pumped?

Answer: Yes, like all the other Wilson basketballs, the Wave basketball comes fully pumped and ready for use the moment you remove it from the box.

Q2: Will this door hold up on the driveways?

Answer: Yes, it will. It has been specially designed for outdoor gaming. This means that it can stand any outdoor environment, including the driveway.

Q3: What’s the size of this ball?

Answer: The ball comes with an official NBA size of 29.5". There’s also an intermediate size of 28.5"

Final Verdict:

Judging from the cool features we’ve seen above, Wilson Wave Phenom basketball is among the most unique and highly innovative basketballs on the market right now.

This ball is above average compared to the other basketballs out there. We believe it’s an ideal choice for all those basketball players out there, especially those who would sacrifice anything for a good grip.

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