Wilson Evolution Indoor Basketball Reviews

Wilson Evolution Indoor Basketball Review

Searching for a perfect indoor basketball that’s budget friendly? Great! You need to check out Wilson Evolution Indoor Basketball. It’s the perfect match for you and all your needs.

The ball is 100% approved for use in high school and college games. You’ll love how comfortable it feels in your hands, the best bounce it outputs, the extremely durability, and so much more...

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Here are Features and Benefits of Wilson Evolution Indoor Basketball:


Wilson Evolution Indoor Basketball Review

For those who always want to know whether the basketball they intend to buy is pumped up before shipping, this is your part. The Evolution indoor basketball comes fully inflated by the manufacturer. In other words, its game ready, right out of the box.

Enjoy Superior Grip:

If you want to feel the REAL superior grip in basketball, look for this amazing product from Wilson. It has the finest grip...

Here’s why:​

The ball is covered with thousands of micro-pebble touch points on its entire surface. The main work of these pebbles is to promote the best grip ever. When the grip gets better, you’ll enjoy an optimal control over the ball. On the same note, you’ll have no issues holding and dribbling the ball around the court.

Additional measures taken to improve the grip include the deep channel design. This is something that you’ll notice from the very first time you hold the ball in your hands.

Keep in mind that the grip improves as you break in the ball. So, even if you don’t feel the grip during the first days, don’t despair.​

Enhanced grip is the key word here​

Enhanced Ball Control:

For you to fully control the ball, it must be comfortable in your hands....

This ball provides you with comfort (enhanced ball control) in two ways:

The moisture-wicking channels that surround the ball. I’m yet to find a ball that absorbs moisture better than this one. Its ability to absorb all the sweat in your hands or any moisture present in the court stems from the simple fact that the channel lines has “wicks” that actively absorb any moisture present. This ensures that the ball never feels slippery in your hands.

Also, the material used to construct the ball (the composite leather) promotes a softer feel for optimal ball control. Most players say that the ball feels like a sponge or tacky. When you hold such a ball in your hands, it will mold to your hand and give you a better performance with every shot you make.​

Perfect Bounce:

Wilson uses cutting-edge technologies in the manufacturer of their balls to ensure that they’re always at the top of the game. On such innovative technology employed in this ball is the Cushion Core Technology. The technology has been exclusively developed by the manufacturer and accomplishes one major task. That is, it utilizes a mixture of sponge rubber and butyl that enables the ball to deliver a better bounce.

If you go through some buyer reviews, you’ll notice that they complain that the bounce is too much. While this may give them a hard time controlling the ball, hardcore players are well satisfied with it.​

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NFHS/NCAA Approved:

Theirs is but one reason why Wilson Evolution Indoor Basketball boasts of being the number one selling basketball in many high schools across the country- it has the NFHS approval.

The fact that NFHS approved this basketball for high school games is a clear indicator that it got what it takes to step up the students’ basketball skills.

The NFHS stamp of approval comfortably lays on the ball’s surface. You can’t ignore this.​

Maximum Durability Equals Longevity:

This is the killer of all...

Wilson Evolution Indoor Basketball is an extremely durable ball. If you stick to using it for indoor games only, it will serve for a whole one year! This is regardless of how many times you play it each week. Many people have admitted that they play the ball five days each week, and it’s still in a good condition.

Some users also report that they’ve used the indoor basketball on finished concrete courts where it also performs well.

However, given that this is a softball designed for indoor play only, we advise you to avoid playing it on outdoor surfaces this might negatively affect its durability.

As a matter of fact, using the basketball outdoors cuts its durability by half!

Available in TWO Different Sizes:

We also can't ignore the fact that this ball comes in two different sizes to help meet your specific needs. There’s an intermediate size of 28.5” suitable for girls’ and women’s basketball games. Then there’s the official 29.5” size that favors boys (12 years old and above) and men. The two size have a slight variation in their prices, with the women’s model selling a bit lower.

So, if you’re a man you know the right Wilson Evolution Indoor Basketball to pick. The same case applies to women. Doesn’t this give you a golden opportunity to have a feel of what the professional players use on the courts?​

  • NFHS/NCAA approved.
  • Enhanced control.
  • Superior grip.
  • Long-lasting ball that will serve you for years.
  • Best bounce ever.
  • Break in required.
  • Some buyers complain that the ball is pretty bouncy. This makes them unable to control the ball.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

01.Can you buy replacement valves for this ball?

  • The balls valves rarely fail, thus, there’s no need to replace them.

02.Can this ball be played outdoor?

  • Not really. The ball is designed for indoor use only. While it can also work outdoors, prolonged use can affect its longevity.

03.Does this ball meet the official size specifications?

  • Yes, it does. The ball comes in the official 29.5” size as well as an intermediate size of 28.5”.

Final Verdict:

From what we’ve seen in our Wilson Evolution Indoor Basketball Review above, this is the best indoor basketball pick with loads of benefits. It’s not a wonder that the basketball ranks high on the lists of the best indoor basketballs. Plus it’s budget-friendly.

So, whether you’re an absolute beginner or an advanced player looking for the perfect basketball for indoor use, Wilson Evolution is the ball to buy.​

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