Top Basketball Shoe Brands in The Market Right Now

Of course, we’re familiar with the Air Jordan brand, Nike, and Adidas. But, are these the top brands when it comes to purchasing basketball shoes?

And, what makes a particular brand “the best,” or “the superior” option for athletes?

Yes, celebrity endorsement goes a long way in defining “best,” “greatest,” or “superior,” when it comes to basketball shoes, and sneakers in general.

So, let’s look at some of the top-selling brands, and what makes them superior to the competition. We’ll also discuss why they are so highly sought-after by athletes and conventional players (fans) alike.

Air Jordan Brand:

Without a doubt, it is still the top-selling brand for NBA players, and for fans and casual players alike. What makes the Jordan brand superior however? First and foremost, the man behind the brand. Michael Jordan is known worldwide, and is still considered the greatest basketball player by many people to this day (nearly 20 years after he retired from playing professionally.

Apart from the “Jumpman” logo, and the man behind the shoe, what else makes it a superior brand? Some of the features which distinguish Air Jordan shoes include:

  • ​Superior design: The shoes are well made, feature synthetic leather material, a solid-rubber base, and non-slip features. You aren’t going to sprain your ankle in these shoes.
  • The design: The physical layout. From colors, to the design-team which comes up with the concept for the shoes, plenty of work goes into making this iconic basketball sneaker.
  • They are made for basketball: If you’ve ever purchased a “general pair” or shoes, or “all-purpose” sneaker, you might notice they aren’t sturdy, don’t give you good traction, or are otherwise lacking in quality. This isn’t the case with Air Jordan shoes.

The simple fact that the man behind the shoe is one of the most famous athletes ever, let alone considered the greatest basketball player ever, doesn’t hurt the fact that his shoes still outsell competitors by nearly 20% in the NBA and with fans alike.


Endorsements by top players like Lebron James and Kobe Bryant, the sporting-brand giant, is a top-seller in terms of shoes. But, like the Air Jordan brand (which is a subsidiary of Nike), it isn’t the athlete or endorser behind the shoe, which will sell it (at least not entirely). The shoe must offer some features which other brands don’t.

So, what’s so great about Nike shoes?

  • They are light. You can find Nike shoes weigh in at under 10 oz. today. You can run faster, jump higher, and maintain stability on the court.
  • For starters, the research and development. Nike has tested their shoes for: traction, maneuverability, comfort, sweat-resistant interior, mesh paneling, and so forth. Their shoes are comfortable, and tested for top-performing athletes.
  • Both hi-top and low-top varieties provide support. Support to help prevent sprains, twisting, or rolling your ankles, arch support for comfortable landing, and interior cushion so large athletes (like NBA players) can land softly on their feet when jumping 4 to 5 feet in the air.
  • The design. Although it isn’t going to help with performance, many athletes want something that looks good. Nike has dozens of designs, colors, and even allows you to custom-tailor your own shoe, based on your color/design specifications online.

If the high quality, durable rubber base, interior arch-support, and ankle support isn’t enough, the celebrity endorsement might sell you. And, even if this isn’t the case, you will love the variety of basketball shoes available, and the fact that you can custom design your own pair of Nike shoes online.

Under Armour:

Under Armour is fairly new to the basketball shoe market. However, with a celebrity endorsement like two-time NBA champ, Steph Curry wearing and promoting the brand, UA has really taken a big leap in terms of quality in the NBA market. The brand was most well-known for performance gear, but today is a major player in the sneaker market in NBA as well.

The sneakers also feature a charged-cushioning design. This provides internal arch support, and a comfortable landing spot for athletes who jump high, and land heavy on the court. Their shoes feature:

  • Internal cage-design. So, your feet won’t move while running up and down the court (Step Curry 2).
  • Light, breathable-mesh material, and synthetic rubber-sole provides solid traction, so you won’t slip or roll an ankle during fast-paced action.

The shoes are also “true to fit,” meaning if you wear a size 8 with other brands, or own other UA sneakers, an 8 will also fit with their basketball shoes.


“The Beard;” whether you love him or hate him, James Harden is well-known as one of the top NBA players today. In fact, he was a leading-contender in the NBA MVP voting. And, as their biggest endorser in the NBA, Adidas is a major contender in the sneaker market.

And, with old players like Tracy McGrady who made the shoes famous in the 1990s, 2000s, it’s no wonder it is still a top-selling brand of basketball sneakers today.

Some features which sell Adidas basketball shoes include:

  • The fact that they are sturdy, well-made, feature synthetic materials, and mesh-paneling to help eliminate sweat production during play.
  • They are affordable and reliable. They won’t wear-down easily, nor will the soles wear after a short-period of use.
  • Full ankle support is provided, given the hi-top design of their sneakers.
  • Their shoes are light and supportive. Weighing in at about 8 to 12 oz. (each shoe), you won’t add too much weight, yet you’ll get all the support you need on the court.

If reliability, traction, and support are important (all should be for basketball players), Adidas is a top contender in the sneaker market. They are a brand to consider when investing in a new pair of shoes for on-the-court action.

Another major player in the basketball sneaker market is Reebok. With one of the most recognized endorsers being Allen Iverson in the 2000s, alongside Shaq and Shawn Kemp, many athletes in the 1990s and 2000s wore Reebok on the court, making them a popular choice for non-NBA players as well.

Regardless of if you are a pro, semi-pro, or just play pick-up ball on the weekends, the right sneakers will make a world of difference on the court.

 Not only will it help improve your play, they will also help reduce possibility for injuries, help with jumping, traction, and stability. And, if nothing else, the right shoes will make you look like an amazing player, even if you don’t have the game to back it up.

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