Spalding Varsity Rubber Outdoor Basketball Reviews, NBA basketball review

Spalding Varsity Rubber Outdoor Basketball Review

To ALL basketball beginners out there,

We’re happy to introduce to you our complete Spalding Varsity Rubber Outdoor Basketball Review below:

Firstly, this outdoor ball comes from Spalding- a brand you can trust to meet your gaming needs.​

Now, this ball has become the No.1 choice for all beginners out there who want to learn the different moves and trick in this game. It fully prepares you for the game, plus it gives you the official basketball game experience (given its official NBA size and weight dimensions).

With ultimate durability and ability to stand the toughest outdoor environments, this ball allows you to take your time to master the hoops game.

For more information on this outdoor ball, read below:​

Durable Rubber Cover:

Spalding has been known for years to produce pretty durable basketballs. This outdoor basketball is just another living testimony of this fact. The ball has an incredibly durable rubber cover.

Spalding Varsity Rubber Outdoor Basketball,Spalding Varsity Rubber Outdoor Basketball Review

The cover is so durable that you’ll feel it by touching its cover. Now that this makes the ball immune to damages, punctures/air leaks, cracks, etc, you’ll be able to train with this ball for as long as you wish (as a beginner).

Expert Handling:

An outdoor basketball that gives you full and easy control over it is simply the best. And just by looking at Spalding Varsity Rubber basketball, you’ll know for sure that it will give you this experience.

Just look at how the black channels networks have been deeply distributed… This is exactly what enables you to handle the ball so easily, control it like on the court like a pro, and enjoy your game like never before!

Spalding Varsity Rubber Basketball Comes Ready for Use:

This has been one of the most satisfying features to the players using this ball. They come back to express their gratitude to Spalding for filling the ball with air before shipping it to them. This means that you’ll use the ball immediately it arrives rather than start looking for the air pump to work on it

Great Grip Guaranteed:

Nobody likes a basketball that is not easy to grip. Even the absolute beginners want an outdoor basketball that will not tend to get out of their hands every time they grip. The main benefit of a great grip is that it makes the game easy for you, allowing you to concentrate on your moves, and passes.

Luckily, for this outdoor basketball from Spalding, Great Grip is 100% Guaranteed. The fine pebbling all-around the ball is tasked with helping the ball ‘stick’ to your hands, even when your palms becomes sweaty.

Official NBA Size and Weight:

This is a good one for you as a basketball newbie. You’ll get to learn the ropes of this game with a ball that bears a similar weight and size (29.5” to be specific) as that used in the NBA leagues. And that ball is Spalding Varsity Outdoor basketball.

So, if you ever dream to feature in the international basketball leagues, this is the ball to get you started.

Designed to Withstand Street Games:

That the ball was designed to be played on outdoor surfaces (which are usually tough), Spalding invested in each and every possible idea to make it endure all the hardships it will come across.

Street is probably the toughest environment and the manufacturer ensured that the ball withstands all this roughness (even under regular use). Any outdoor basketball that stands street play can stand any other outdoor environment.

  • Designed to withstand the toughest outdoor environments.
  • One year limited manufacturer warranty.
  • Long-lasting outdoor basketball.
  • Affordable Price.
  • Some users have reported the ball being a bit heavier.
  • Some have also reported receiving the ball in flat form.
  • Some break-in required for the ball.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Does this ball arrive in a box?

Answer: Yes! It comes nicely packaged in a picture.

Q2: Does the ball arrive inflated as the manufacturer claims?

Answer: Yes, you can use the ball immediately you receive it.

Q3: What size of this ball would you recommend for young players, around 8 to  years??

Answer: Size 25.5” and a weight of 14oz. will work for young players.

Final Verdict:

Spalding Varsity Rubber Outdoor Basketball is a great value for your money. Coupled with features of official NBA basketballs in addition to the durable cover, expert handling, and great grip, this outdoor basketball is perfect for all beginner as well as those who want to improve their skills for the game.

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