Spalding NBA Varsity Neon Outdoor Basketball

Spalding NBA Varsity Neon Outdoor Basketball Review

Are you searching for an alternative to the “regular” kind of basketball? Perhaps they are out of your price range?

Or you are looking for something that your kids can have some good fun with?

The Spalding NBA Varsity Neon Outdoor Basketball is what you are looking for. It’s an excellent outdoor basketball for beginners as well as kids.

Let me tell you all about this basketball’s features.

Traditional Rubber Cover

I know the first thing that came to your mind when I said “alternative” is the thought that this ball was inferior.

It isn’t. In fact, the rubber, which is what most people care about when they go shopping for a basketball, is the same as the rubber used to make the regular basketball.

It has a traditional rubber cover that will not wear easily. It is durable and can handle the vigorous outdoor play that you are used to.

So you can power up and down the pavement, and slam-dunk it as much as you please without having to worry that the rubber can’t handle it.

Official NBA Size and Weight

As I said earlier, this ball is ideal for a beginner or a kid. What I didn’t add is that it’s still great if this is a kid or beginner who wants to into the professional leagues

You see, some basketballs come sizes and weights that differ from the official NBA size. So of course, when handling and playing with them, you get used to a standard that is lower than what is expected of you in the NBA.

That’s why this Spalding NBA outdoor basketball is an ideal choice. It doesn’t cost as much, but it gives you a similar experience as you would get with an official NBA basketball.

So it’s a good ball to buy for your kids who are training for a future in professional basketball. Or if you are the one who is training, it’s also an excellent ball for you to use in your training.

Designed for Recreational Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is quite different from indoor play. Not in the style of playing, but in the type of surface on which the ball is bouncing. That’s why an outdoor basketball is different from an indoor basketball.

The conditions of outdoor play include rough, dusty surfaces, so a good outdoor basketball should take these factors into consideration and design the ball that can best adapt to these conditions.

The last thing you want is to worry when you are playing if the ball will bounce consistently because it is of poor quality, or because it is not designed to work well on dusty tarmacked pavements.

A good outdoor basketball should have a good surface covering, so when you grip it when it’s dusty, it doesn’t slip from your fingers just when you are trying to pass, shoot, or dunk it. The good outdoor basketball should also be durable.

And finally, the ideal outdoor basketball should have the right weight. You see, some outdoor balls wear away too fast and become light. You can’t play good basketball with a light ball.

This Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Basketball is designed with all these attributes in mind; as such, it is excellent for outdoor play.

Has a Good Grip

As I said, you want a ball that will give you the ideal features you need for playing in the outdoors. This basketball assures you of that with its deep channels.

The deep channels make it possible for you to handle the ball with ease and mastery on the outdoor surfaces you are playing on.

Also, it has an all-ball pebbling which ensures you have a good grip on the ball. As a result, you can play at the top of your game.

When a ball is not easy to grip, one has to play with a distracted mind, and cannot pass, shoot, or dunk with ease.


  • Traditional rubber cover.
  • Has the official size and weight of the NBA.
  • Ldeal for recreational outdoor play.
  • Has a good grip, and has easy handling.
  • Has attractive neon colors.


  • It’s not ideal for professional use, being more suited for recreational use.

Final Verdict

As you have seen, this is a perfect basketball for beginners and kids. It gives them an experience close to what they would get with the “real thing”.

As an outdoor basketball, it is excellent. You should check it out when you go shopping for an outdoor basketball.

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