Spalding NBA Tack Soft Basketball Reviews

Spalding NBA Tack Soft Basketball Review



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A high-end basketball with excellent grip, made of a durable cover material, and with a reasonable price tag. All my life I’ve been looking for such a basketball. But luck has never been on my side as I always fall prey to the poor quality balls that meet none of my needs.

I feel that no basketball is good for me:

I feel that no basketball is good for me...

A few friends (and real basketball players) kept insisting that I should try Spalding NBA Tack Soft Basketball. They said that it might change my perspective on the basketball industry.

I was overexcited...

You know the joy of meet your soulmate? That’s exactly what I felt!

​I’ve been using the ball for about four months now. It’s still in good health and shape. It’s as clean as new.

​I spent the first week learning everything about this ball. I noted some interesting facts about the ball that I’m going to share with you shortly.

​Keep reading...

Maximum Durability:

Spalding NBA Tack Soft Basketball Review

The durability of this basketball fascinates me up to date! As I told you earlier, I bought it about four months ago. I had this feeling that I’ll use it for 2-3 months after which it will wear out, and I will get back to the shops. This is what happened to most of the balls I’ve used before. But this ball proved me wrong- it was an exception.

​Curiosity drove me to find out what holds it for so long...

I found the reason! The ultra-tough premium PU composite cover! This is the material that makes the ball and enables it to last for so long. At the time of writing this post, I play the ball 2 hours a day, for five days each week​.

And with such regular use, the ball has maintained its shape and effectiveness. It feels solid, and strong- a clear indication it will remain active for longer.​

Fantastic Grip and Control:

The exclusive leather cover above not only makes the ball strong and durable, but it also enables it to give you the best grip and control you’ve ever heard. The power behind the improved grip offered by this ball is a coating that exists on the ball’s surface.

The ball’s name is Tack Soft, meaning that it feels smooth and comfortable in your hands.

More so, you’ll gain total control over the ball (a feature lacking in most basketballs).

Excellent grip and control make Spalding NBA Tack Soft Basketball the ideal ball for taking shots as well as making fast plays (where controlling the ball is critical).​

Comes Fully Inflated:

Nobody wants to buy basketball that comes flat. We all wish that the manufacturer inflates the ball fully before sending it to us. A basketball that comes fully inflated is game ready. Thus, you’ll start using it the moment you get your hands on it.

Good news is that Spalding has made your wish come true. They pack this ball fully inflated (as per NBA specifications).

Official NBA Size and Weight:

Most balls on the market have sizes and weights that don’t match the official specifications. But when it comes to Spalding basketballs, the case is different. They ensure that the size and weight of all their balls match those set by NBA. A good example of basketball from Spalding that bears the official dimensions is Spalding NBA Tack Soft Basketball.

It has a size of 29.5” similar to the NBA basketballs. There’s also the intermediate size of 28.5”- the official size for the WNBA leagues.

When you play with a ball of official size and weight like this one, you’ll have the real professional level basketball experience- smile!​

Designed for Indoor/ Outdoor Play:

Designed for Indoor/ Outdoor Play....

I was so in need of an outdoor basketball that I didn’t notice that I could also play it on an indoor court. The same friends who recommended me to buy this ball also pointed out that I can use it indoors.

And when I did, it worked like a true indoor basketball. The ball bounces perfectly well on the indoor as well as outdoor surfaces. What’s more, the balls tough cover does not deteriorate your indoor surface. So, feel free to play the sport in your gym, along the driveway, pavements, everywhere!

Attractive Price Tag!

Imagine getting all the outstanding features that we’ve discussed above at an extremely affordable price? That’s the true meaning of an irresistible offer.

Do your maths well and you’ll be surprised that you have been spending up to 3 times more on the previous basketballs, yet they don’t provide you with cool features as this one does.

Looking at how the ball performs on the court, you’ll question the low pricing. But Spalding has to show some generosity to make your professional basketball experience affordable.

​Even when on a budget, you’ll own this high-quality ball at an attractive price.

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  • Even when on a budget, you’ll own this high-quality ball at an attractive price.
  • Designed for competitive indoor/outdoor play.
  • Meets official size and weight specifications.
  • Meets official size and weight specifications.
  • Some users have expressed disappointments at how the ball gets dirt faster.
  • Moisture management is below average.
  • Some break in required for the ball.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

01.Will I receive this ball inflated?

  • Absolutely! Spalding delivers the ball fully inflated, making it game ready.

02.What does the word Tack Soft mean?

  • The word Tack Soft means that the materials sued to make the ball feels soft and smooth to your touch.

02.Can you play this basketball indoors as well?

  • Yes, you can play indoors as well as outdoors with this ball. In both cases, the ball’s performance remains great!

Final Verdict

We’ve come to the end of our Spalding NBA Tack Soft Basketball Review. Hopefully, you’ve seen the great features that accompany the indoor outdoor basketball. You’ll agree with me that the pricing is way too low for all these great features and benefits.

What are you waiting for? Place your order before it’s too late, and start experiencing the true experience of professional basketball play.

Have fun!

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