Spalding NBA Street Phantom Outdoor Basketball Review, Outdoor basketball

Spalding NBA Street Phantom Outdoor Basketball Review

Looking for a basketball that has been specially manufactured for a pick-up basketball game with your portable basketball system on the streets or along the driveway?

If yes, get Spalding NBA Street Phantom Outdoor Basketball right now. The Spalding outdoor basketball is a REAL phantom on the streets, giving you the ultimate fun when playing the game. It has that great, trustworthy bounce that motivates you to play basketball every day the sun rises.

And, of course, it has that color scheme that makes highly visually distinct, so it won’t get mixed up with other basketballs from others players in the court- smile!

Read on to Discover More Enticing Benefits That Come With The “Street Phantom”:​

Easy gripping and Handling:

Let’s open up with the No.1 feature we all look in any basketball before buying… Spalding NBA Street phantom outdoor basketball is one of the greatest outdoor basketballs that will make you confident as you play along the field.


Spalding NBA Street Phantom Outdoor Basketball,Spalding NBA Street Phantom Outdoor Basketball review,Outdoor basketball

Simply, it employs the Soft Grip Technology which ensures that the ball sticks in your palms as you move around with the ball. Even if you have a bigger or a smaller palm, you’ll easily grip the ball. Even when your palms gets sweaty, the ball remains loyal them.

The fact that the ball also comes with a wide channel design makes it completely easy to handle and control. Don’t take this feature for granted; it qualifies the ball to appear on the list of the few balls that are easy to handle, control along the streets, driveway, everywhere!

Designed to Last:

This will surely strengthen your bond for the ball. Spalding uses top-quality, durable rubber material cover for this ball to enable it to hold on to the outdoor surfaces for long (even with extensive use).

I’ve witnessed my friend use the ball on Asphalt driveway for other 2 months. Believe it or not, the ball hasn’t developed a single crack so far and feels almost new in hands.

Thus, the phantom beats the cheap rubber outdoor basketball prone to cracks, wears, and so on within the first month.

Game ready, Right Out of the Box​!

If you’re familiar with all the other Spalding balls, you know this very well. Their balls come fully inflated- making them game ready, as soon as you remove them out of the box. The same case applies to the NBA street Phantom outdoor basketball above. It comes with air pumped in, nicely packed in a brown box, and you can start enjoying an outdoor game the moment you lay your hands on it!

Perfect Ball for Outdoor Games:

Spalding says that the ball is meant for outdoor play. Being a trustworthy brand, it means that Spalding has fully prepared the ball to endure the toughness of any outdoor surface.

So, don’t hesitate to use it on that concrete path, asphalt driveway, outdoor court, and even the rough streets.

It’s also good to note that the ball does not lose the firm grip, durability, and a truer bounce, which enable it to continue staging a spectacular outdoor performance for long.​

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Comes in the Official Size:

Can you locate the NBA logo resting on the ball surface and scribed in dazzling green color? Well, it means that this ball obeys the NBA standard for weight and size. In other words, it comes with the official Weight and Size dimensions. The best thing about this is feature is that you’ll be practicing with a ball similar to the ones used in NBA leagues.

  • Official NBA weight and size dimensions.
  • One year limited manufacturer warranty.
  • Highly durable material cover.
  • Soft grip technology.
  • Multiple color design.
  • Some users complain that the black color that dominates its surface makes it impossible to mark it for easy identification when it mixes with similar balls.
  • The rubber cover sometimes produces odd bounces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: Does the ball come inflated?

Answer: Absolutely! The ball comes fully inflated and game-ready.

Q2: Can you play the ball on hard surfaces?

Answer: Yes! The ball has been specially designed for outdoor play. This means that you can confidently use it on the toughest of the surfaces without encountering any damages.

Q3: What cover material has been used for this ball?

Answer: Top-Quality Rubber material that is highly durable and able to last for a lengthy period.

Final Verdict:

Spalding NBA Street Phantom outdoor basketball is worth every penny. It’s manufactured using durable rubber, comes with an outstanding grip, official NBA size and weight, and deep channel design for easy control.

The highly visible and professional combination of green and black colors makes its competitors pale in appearance.​

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