Spalding NBA Street Basketball Review

Spalding NBA Street Basketball Review

Larry Williams, nicknamed Bone Collector, was born in Texas and was brought up in California. He was later transferred to the JUCO School Globe Institute of Technology in Manhattan. While here, he first tested his basketball skills on the streets of New York. It didn’t take long before the professional basketball players noted his smart skills, and soon, he was added to the Rucker Park.

Williams love for basketball grew even bigger at Rucker Park. In 2002, he took home the Entertainers Basketball Classic MVP honors. He achieved all this through a career that he started in the streets!

That’s quite inspiring, right?

Today, Williams features on every list of the greatest street basketball players of all time. And the most interesting part is that he used the Spalding NBA Street Basketball to practice in the streets!

Many other basketball players are taking their skills to the streets as well as outdoor courts using the same basketball that William used.

Good news is that you can also own this ball today, practice on the streets, in your driveway, on any outdoor surface. And who knows? One day you might become a superstar in the sport.

Below we look at the outstanding features that enable the ball to mold upcoming players into international players....

Features and Benefits of Spalding NBA Street Basketball:​

Ultra-Durable Street Basketball:

One of the most talked about features of this ball by its users is the ability to remain strong and effective for many years with regular use. But this does not come as a surprise… Spalding always ensures that their balls (whether used indoor or outdoor) have the ability to last for years. No wonder they’re the official suppliers of the NBA basketballs.

Spalding NBA Street Basketball Review

Now, when it comes to this outdoor street basketball, it features performance rubber covers that's incredibly durable on outdoor asphalt and concrete courts.

Like all the other rubber covers, this one also gives the ball the soft feel that every player desires from a good basketball. The moment you start playing with this ball, you’ll notice how different it feels on your hands compared to the other models on the market.

You might be afraid that you might not enjoy using this ball on hard outdoor floors for long… This is not true. The tough rubber cover enables you to use the ball for several years even when subjected to regular use on the toughest of the surfaces.

So, if you’re looking for a cheap outdoor basketball that does not wear out anytime soon, the Spalding NBA Street Basketballs is your BEST bet.​

Enjoy Excellent Grip:

Another thing that has drawn a lot of attention to this ball (even from professional players) is the superior grip it gives you. Again, this is something you’ll feel on your hands immediately you start using the ball.

The deep, longitudinal, black channels present on the ball’s surface are behind offering you the excellent grip. The deep channels grant you total control of the ball during the game. It facilitates expert ball handling on the court. This way, nobody can take the ball from you easily. You’ll only pass it to the player you wish to. Can you picture this?

Look at the Spalding NBA Street Basketball right now. What do you see? NBA logo? What about David Stern’s (NBA commissioner) official signature sitting next to the logo? If you can see all these things right below a highly visible SPALDING title, you got the right Spalding Streetball.

But that’s not all about this ball. It also meets the NBA weight and size specifications. Mind you, it’s available in 3 different sizes for your convenience (the sizes are inclusive of the official NBA size).​

Outstanding Bounce Properties:

When fully inflated (the balls are shipped fully inflated), this ball can do wonders when you attempt to dribble it. Of course, being an outdoor basketball, it will require some break in exercises. But once this is over, you’ll be loving and loving how it will be hitting the floor and coming up again to your palms.

If you already know the right amount of force to apply on the ball when dribbling, you’ll enjoy dribbling the ball and enjoying the good bounce. You’ll definitely fascinate the whole lot along the streets with a ball that rebounds better than any other outdoor basketball.

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  • One of the most affordable outdoor basketballs.
  • Super durable rubber cover construction.
  • Good bounce on all outdoor surfaces.
  • Official NBA size and weight.
  • Rubber cover does not offer adequate grip (compensated for by the wide channels).
  • Some folks reported that they received the basketball in deflated form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

01. What’s the diameter of this ball?

  • The ball has a diameter of 29.5 inches. This is the same diameter required for any basketball used in NBA games.

02.Is the cover material of this ball made of rubber or leather

  • The ball is made of rubber material, which is close to the leather. As you know, rubber is the perfect material for outdoor street play.

03.Does the size of this ball affect its bounce height?

  • No. Size has nothing to do with the bounce height of the basketball.

Final Verdict:

A nice grip, durability, and balance are the key factors that you should always consider in any outdoor basketball. Gladly, Spalding NBA Street Basketball ranks high on all these factors. It gives you a nice, firm grip throughout the game. The tough rubber cover with pebbled finish enables the ball to withstand the “forces” of street play. You’ll also enjoy good bounces from the ball right from your driveway to any outdoor surface. Above all this, the ball is extremely affordable.

The Spalding Street outdoor basketball is truly the right basketball to take your basketball skills to the streets.​

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