Spalding NBA Courtside Team Outdoor Rubber Basketball Review

When we talk about outdoor basketballs brands, you can never go wrong with the Spalding.

As the largest basketball equipment manufacturer and the first American basketball company, Spalding has shown remarkable efforts to make your basketball gaming fun- whether you’re an absolute beginner or expert gamer.

In this post, we take a full review of the Spalding NBA Courtside Outdoor basketball- an outdoor basketball designed with great quality to help nurture your skills to the maximum.

A Quick Note: In the past years, the ball has become a favorite for many basketball players across the states. This is mainly due to its unique features that we’ll discuss shortly…

Durable Construction

Buying from Spalding means buying quality products designed to last a lifetime.

The Spalding NBA Courtside comes with a high-quality rubber construction that makes it one of the most durable outdoor basketballs to ever hit the courts.

With this in mind, you can rest assured that this ball can withstand the punishment of any outdoor surface you use it in.

It doesn’t matter how long you play it in a day or how many days you play it in a week; it’s a great investment that lasts for many generations.

Feel The Excellent Grip!

Before you swipe out your card to order a basketball, you always want to ensure that it has a good grip, so it doesn’t easily slide out of your hands just when you’re about to make a critical move in the court.

Things will only get better for players who understand the meaning of an excellent grip of basketball in this particular Spalding ball.


Its grip is so good that you can feel it the moment you get the ball in your hands. In fact, it’s one of the ball’s features that has received most praises from players across the states!

Whether you’re enjoying your game in wet or dry weather (or your hands gets too sweaty), gripping this ball will never be a challenge.

Game-Ready Basketball

If given a choice between a basketball that comes pre-inflated and one that requires me to inflate it on arrival, I’d definitely go with the pre-inflated.

And I know you’ll pick a similar choice too!

Luckily, the Spalding NBA Courtside basketball comes full inflated. You just need to take it outside the box and get the game going.

I doubt if many manufacturers pre-inflate their balls (and do it perfectly than Spalding).

Choose from 30Plus Colors!

I can see you smiling already… this awesome basketball from Spalding once again stands out from its competitors.

It gives you a wide range of colors- up to 30 in number- to pick from. As human beings, we have different visual appeals. And my favorite colors (blue and green), might not be your favorite.

To ensure the ball meets not only your performance but also your visual needs, the manufacturer produces it in nearly all colors you can think of!

What’s your favorite color?

Don’t forget that the balls feature different logos so that you can show appreciation to your favorite NBA team as you dribble it across the court.


  • Over 30 different colors to pick from.
  • Meets all the NBA specifications.
  • Durable rubber construction.
  • Highly affordable-excellent grip.
  • You can use it indoors as well.
  • Sharp and vibrant print.
  • Comes fully inflated.
  • Perfect gift for your loved ones.


  • Some players complain that the ball fades quickly.

Final Verdict

You’ll get unmatched value from the Spalding NBA Courtside outdoor basketball. The ball is fun to use and comes with high-quality rubber construction to withstand the toughest outdoor surfaces.

It shows an excellent impact resistance characteristics; its grip is optimal. All this makes it the best outdoor basketball for professional results.

What’s more amazing about the ball is the low pricing that does not even match the quality features it offers you. This makes it an affordable as well as valuable investment.

And oh! Don’t forget it comes in up to 30 different colors and logos- so you’ve plenty of choices!

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