How Much Does an Outdoor Basketball Court Cost

How Much Does an Outdoor Basketball Court Cost?

Imagine having a nice outdoor basketball court in your backyard? This will definitely feel awesome. It will also be a great investment that will serve a lot of fun to your family. But all this won’t come on a silver platter. You need to plan well in advance for it.

The purpose of this post is to enlighten you on the amount of money you ought to spend for a well-designed and fully functional outdoor basketball court. We’ll break down the cost of different materials you require for the entire project. Not forgetting that we’ll also give you some tips on how to save the cash out of the project.

NOTE: this post addresses the cost of constructing both commercial and residential outdoor basketball courts. For a fast construction the Modutile is a great option.

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Before we go on with our outdoor basketball court cost analysis, there’s something you need to consider first.

That is, you have to set aside some backyard space for the process. Selecting the size of basketball is where people may go wrong. This may seem obvious but the larger you want your court to be, the more you’ll have to spend, bearing in mind the excavation, court tiles, and base preparation costs.

Your budget and space are the main limitations of the size of the court you can build.

But keep in mind that if you have a small space but still want a large court, there are plastic court tiles that can extend to the edges of your courts.

Let the project begin now...

Excavation and Grading

The ideal ground for building your basketball court must be extremely flat and hard. Depending on the nature f your space, make the area flat might require you to spend a lot of cash. The typical excavation cost is roughly $50-$200 per yard, depending on your site's geology, the local rates, and the job site. The more challenged the excavator will face, the more he’ll cost you.

Here are some questions to help determine how challenging your job site is:​

  • How big is the surface that needs to be excavated?
  • Who will you hire to do the excavation? A concrete company or a landscape company?
  • Can your space be easily accessible by skidster?
  • Are there any retaining walls that need to be set up?
  • Are there are drainage issues that need to be addressed?

Laying the Concrete Base (or Subsurface):

You need to set out a concrete base on your excavated surface before surfacing. The ideal concrete base should be 4 inches thick (using the 3000 PSI concrete plus #4 rebar reinforcements). The basic cost of these concrete slabs ranges from $4 to $8 per square foot. However, this price can vary depending on the following factors:

  • Can the pump truck reach the job site?
  • Are there any excavation, grading, or drainages issues that should be addressed?
  • Do the building codes or the environment nature require you to observe thicker edges, extend from sub surfacing, vapor barriers, or use of wire mesh?

Outdoor Basketball Surfacing:

Once you lay out the concrete slab, you need to put on tiles on the surface to make it smooth and friendly to the players. The market has many options for the type of surfacing you can use, e.g. Asphalt, concrete, brick paver, sports tiles, etc. Many people swear by the concrete surfacing. And it costs somewhere between $3.5 and $5 per square foot.

For any surfacing you choose, make sure it’s weather resistant and durable. This will save you from spending money for maintenance long after the construction is over

Installing Basketball Hoops

No backyard basketball court is complete without a basketball hoop/goal. You can opt for portable or in-ground basketball goals depending on your needs and budget. But in-ground is highly recommended since it’s cemented in the ground, making it more stable. Portable hoops are also good, only that they’re less stable.

The general cost of a quality basketball hoops runs from $100- $300 depending on the backboard size and other factors. The more fancy features it comes with, the deeper you’ll have to dig into your wallet.

Plus don’t forget the about for installation of the hoops, which is roughly $300.

Additional Basketball Court Accessories to Consider:

Additional accessories that will help you achieve the court of your dreams and create a family friendly court or a multi-sport court include:

  • Game lines
  • Custom logos
  • Containment fencing
  • Rebounders.

Tips for Saving Money on Your Outdoor Basketball Court:

  • Similar to the indoor basketball court, you can opt to install only one basketball hoop if your backyard court isn’t meant for serious practices.
  • Before hiring a particular basketball builder, take you time to examine several of them to determine who gives quality work at cheaper rates.
  • Again, if the court is mean for family fun, consider setting it up in a smaller space. This will significantly reduce the overall cost needed to bring up the entire facility.
  • Some accessories can also be omitted to help cut on the cost.
  • Ensure that you purchase high-quality, durable products for building your court. This will make them stay for a long time with little or no maintenance cost.
  • If your backyard lights make your backyard look like the day in the midst of total darkness, why bother installing basketball lighting for the night play?

Final Verdict:

If you’ve carefully followed the above post, paying attention to different materials need for setting up your complete outdoor sports facility, you’re good to go!
You’ve got a rough idea on the total amount of cash you need to put aside for successful completion of your backyard basketball court that will not only serve as fun to your family but also as a place to take your basketball skills and dreams a notch higher.

Now that you’ve an idea about the cost, you can plan and create your outdoor basketball and be a champion. 🙂 Check Here Our Favorite Outdoor Basketball Shoes.

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