Molten BGG Composite Basketball Review

Molten BGG Composite Basketball Review

Looking for the perfect indoor basketball for your next indoor game?


Great! We’ve got what you need. We’ve prepared a complete Molten BGG Composite Basketball review to help you in your search.

This ball is unlike the others you’ve used before. It has been specially designed for use in any indoor setting. It’s perfectly designed and carries all the features you expect to find in a great indoor basketball. For consistency bouncing, soft touch, ability to maintain its shape and effectiveness, etc., this is the ball to use.

​Get to know the exciting features and benefits of this indoor ball. These are features that will prepare you for memorable, thrilling indoor basketball games...

Features and Benefits of Molten BGG Composite Basketball:​

Durable Composite Leather Design:

Any experienced player won’t settle for any ball they come across on the market. They understand that the best cover material for an indoor basketball is the synthetic or composite leather material. If your current indoor basketball does not have this material, you’re on the wrong path. But it’s not too late to dump that ball for Molten BGG indoor basketball whose cover material bears a genuine, incredibly durable composite leather.

Molten BGG Composite Basketball Review

A composite leather cover also means that the ball gives you an exceptional ball grip and handling experience. And oh! It demands no break-in job.

A Wider Channel Design:

It’s now clear that balls with wider channels are the best when it comes to granting you total control (over the ball) around the court compared to those with narrower channels.

Unfortunately, most manufacturers haven’t invested time to improve their old models that have narrow channels. But you can always count on Molten to help you reach your basketball dreams and goals.

Why? They’ve made sure that this particular indoor basketball has a wider channel design. For this reason, the ball stages a magical performance that beat its competitors.

By just looking at how symmetrical these black indents run across the entire ball surface, you’ll feel convinced that you’ll have an easy time gripping and handling the ball in your next indoor game!

FIBA Approved:

For an indoor basketball to get approval from FIBA, it must bear superior quality. Molten MGG is officially recognized by FIBA. Need we say more? This is a ball that goes in line with FIBA basketball style.

The superior quality of the ball is the package that carries some of the coolest features you’ll ever find in any basketball. And this translates to a magical performance on the court.

Aside from FIBA, the ball also boasts of wide usage in the most famous basketball leagues, e.g. British Basketball League, among others.

Dual cushion Technology:

Dual Cushion Technology- another feature we need to emphasize on. This feature reminds of the design of the older basketballs that are still on the market today. The balls comprise of a sponge padding placed in the interior seams. For the Molten BGG Ball we’re discussing, the sponge padding is not only present on the exterior padding but also on the rubber seams (this is the Dual Cushion Technology).

As you can see, there’s a wide rift between the two cushion designs. The latter makes Molten BGG feel softer in your hands whilst maintaining the ball’s rebound speed.

Controlling the ball shifts from hard to easy, thanks to the dual cushioning. So, if you’re using an indoor basketball that’s hard to control, and makes you lose interest in the sport, you know what to do. Turn to the Molten indoor ball for the easiest and the best ball control experience.​

Unique, 12-Panel Design:

The innovative 12-panel design has put Molten on the Map when it comes to the best brands out there. Right from the first day you start playing with this ball, you’ll fall in love with it because of the intelligent design...

So, what can the 12-panel design?

A good question there...

Most folks only know of the traditional 8-panel design. However, the 12-panel deign is a smarter design that bears more seams than the traditional design. More seams means that you’ll enjoy better fingertip control of ball plus optimum playability.

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  • FIBA Approved.
  • Durable composite leather cover.
  • Features a butyl bladder.
  • 2-Year warranty.
  • 12-panel design for optimal playability.
  • Designed with the idea of an indoor court in mind
  • Some users complain that the ball has too much bounce when fully inflated.
  • Smaller and lighter than American-style balls.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

01. Does this ball come inflated?

  • Yes, it comes inflated and ready for use. But according to previous users experience, pumping it up will prepare you for a greater experience.

02. Does this ball dribble well?

  • Absolutely! The ball might feel too slippery during the first days of use but with time, it’s truly comfortable to dribble.

03. I bought this ball, and it appears to be smaller than other basketball by other brands. Is this normal or I purchased a fake product?

  • The ball has a similar size to the others, only that it's composite. Thus, its panels do not flare out like in the other balls.

Final verdict:

Molten BGG Composite indoor basketball features among the top basketball for indoor play. It comes with a great design that assures you of maximum performance all game long. The ball has excellent bouncing properties plus a softer feel for exceptional ball handling experience.

It features the unique 12-panel design for maximum playability. Dual cushion technology enables you to enjoy a consistent rebound speed as well as control the ball with ease. Remember that you’ll be enjoying all this experience for many years, thanks to the durable composite leather material.

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