How to Make Basketball Shoes Sticky

When playing basketball, you want to look good. You don’t want to slide across the court, only to see an offensive player drive past you to the lane.

Grip. This is probably one of the most important aspects when it comes to jumping, diving, or running at full speed on the court.

Both for indoor and outdoor play, you need to ensure your shoes have optimal grip, on the surface you are playing on. Otherwise offensive players will blow by you with a quick cross-over, and you’ll never get enough power to out-jump an offensive player when going up for a rebound.

When your shoes don’t have enough grip, or you notice you are starting to slip and slide on different surfaces, how can you remedy such problems?

These are a few approaches you might want to consider, which are going to help improve the stick/grip on the soles of your favorite worn-out basketball shoes, and help you keep up with even the fastest players on the court, during all phases of the game you are involved in.

B-Traction :

B-Sharp traction is one of the many products out there that you can purchase, which is specifically designed to help improve grip and traction on the court. What you will do is apply a small amount of this product onto a wet-towel which you are going to step on, prior to stepping onto the court. This solution doesn’t last very long, so if you are playing a long game, you might have to apply the solution several times throughout game-play, for it to be an effective option during play.

Stick’Um : 

This is probably a term you are familiar with if you have ever played on an indoor court setting. A stick’um mat is specifically designed to help this specific issue players have on the court – the fact that their shoes aren’t sticky enough!

Stepping on the mat will instantly provide the soles of your shoes with a certain level of grip they don’t currently have. It is advised that you step on the mat at different times during game-play, as the grip will wear off as you are running on a smooth surface in an indoor setting.

Clean shoes are sticky shoes : 

Have you ever wondered why professional players change their shoes at halftime; in fact, some change their shoes every quarter. The reason being is that dirty shoes, which have dust in the groves of the shoe’s soles, will cause you to slip and fall.

It is advisable to clean your shoes prior to, and after every game if possible. This will not only help keep the groves free of dust and debris, it is also going to ensure your shoes are polished and ready to go for each game you step onto the court.​

It might seem simple, but if you do this regularly, you will preserve the soles of your shoes, and this will help you with improved traction when running quickly on the court.

Grip n Squeaks : 

This is another product you can purchase, which you will apply directly to the sole of your sneakers prior to on-court play. This shoe traction band is intended to have the same effect as stick’um or b-traction, however it will last a little longer than other products, so you won’t have to apply it as often to the bottom of your shoes.

Many people have even used household items like acetone, hair spray, and even soda (which you throw on a damp towel) and step on when game-play is stopped. These methods might help to improve the stickiness on the bottom of your favorite pair of shoes, and help improve stability on different surfaces you are playing on.


If it is possible, it is a good idea for you to have a pair of shoes for indoor and outdoor use. and it is important to make sure you clean these shoes prior to and after each game you play. Obviously, the ultimate solution is to have one pair of new shoes for every game you play.

And, of course to have both indoor and outdoor shoes, depending on the type of court and surface you are going to play on. But, since many people can’t afford this, there are solutions to the problem, and methods you can use to help improve stickiness on the bottom of worn out shoes.

Using a product which is specifically designed for this, is the first solution you should attempt. If you don’t have access to these products however, a can of root beer and a damp cloth might just do the trick if you are in a bind, and in the middle of a big game as well, and need to make sure you land on your feet when jumping up for a rebound against a larger opposing player.

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