How Much Does an Indoor Basketball Court Cost

How Much Does an Indoor Basketball Court Cost?

An indoor basketball court is a great asset for families with basketball players. You can use it to play the sport for fun with your family or friends. Or, if you’re a serious basketball player, it can help you sharpen your basketball skills and take your game to the international level.

But before you begin setting up that indoor basketball court, it’s a good to have a rough idea of the amount of money you’ll shell out. That is, you need to know the total amount of money you’re likely to spend for a complete court that fits your needs and specifications.

Good news- we’ve compiled this post to give you an insight on the total amount of cash you might have to spill into your dream indoor basketball court.

To make it easier for you to understand, we’ll look at the cost of different materials you need for the full project. This way, you can make a rough estimate of the total cost and plan well in advance.

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Let’s get going

No basketball court is complete without a basketball hoop. This means that when you set out to buy different materials for the underlying project, you need to focus on a basketball hoop at first.

If your basketball court is just for fun/recreational activities, you can settle for a single hoop. But if you mean to use it for serious practices, then you have to make it full-size by buying two basketball hoops.

Portable Basketball hoop and wall-mount models are more popular for an indoor basketball court. A good portable or wall-mount basketball hoop will cost you between $100- $350 depending on the pole size or the backboard size.

Also, note that the more you pay, the more the number of fancier features you’ll enjoy. A hoop meant for kid’s court goes for around $20 to $100.

Obviously, there are costs associated with the professional installation of your basketball. For the labor, you’ll incur a cost of around $300.

Basketball Flooring Cost

The next thing you need for a complete indoor basketball setup is great flooring that gives you the ultimate gaming experience. While there are many flooring materials for your basketball court on the market today, hardwood remains the oldest and the most popular for indoor setup.

Hard maple material is simply a dense wood composed of tiny fibers. This makes it 100% resistant to splintering. Note that the hardwood’s tightly packed grains offer you a smooth surface while making it completely hard for dirt and grime to hide. Because of this, the material is truly durable and requires little or no maintenance.

The approximate cost of hardwood flooring is $5 to $11 per square meter.

The Cost of Design and Construction of Indoor Basketball Court

Did you know that hiring highly skilled and experienced indoor basketball court builders is an important step in the early stages of planning your facility? Hiring professional court builders will positively affect your final setup in terms of the design of the court, functionality, and overall cost of the entire setup.

Some of the tasks that will be carried out by these professionals include designing your court, installing the hoops, lights, game lines, and so on.

The estimated labor cost will depend on who you hire. There are many certified court builders today and you can choose the one who matches your labor budget. However, always do a careful research before settling on a specific builder for reasons that we’ll explain to you later in this post (keep tuned in).

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Indoor Basketball Court Accessories You Might Consider

Apart from the main indoor basketball court components we’ve discussed above, you might need to install additional accessories to make it friendlier to your game.

These accessories include​:

  • Light for Night Play- You never know when you’ll get the urge to play basketball in your indoor setup at night. So, make sure you have got the lights installed by the professional for this night to come. Basketball lights are readily available and affordable.
  • Game lines- Similar to those used for official NBA games. But if you’re not really serious about the sport, you can ignore these.
  • Rebounders
  • Net systems

Tips on Saving Money For the Above Project

You might feel that the overall indoor setup will cost you a lot of money. That’s right. But with the following tips on how to save on the overall cost, you’ll spend less...

Here are the tips to consider:​

  • Are you a serious basketball player and want to use your indoor facility for further training? Or are you building the indoor setup for fun only? If you fall into the latter category, you can save some bucks by installing a single basketball hoop as well as omitting the game lines.
  • You’ll be using your new facility for years to come. As such, you want it to demand little maintenance from you every year. You can do this by investing in durable basketball court accessories that require little or no maintenance. For example, the hardwood flooring we discussed above is durable and cheap to maintain. Make sure that your hoop and other accessories have a similar characteristic.
  • If the area you’re planning to build your new indoor basketball court has enough lighting, there’s no need for investing in basketball hoop lights. Again, you save a few dollars here.
  • When hiring basketball constructors, it’s always good to do adequate research before settling on a specific builder. It’s common for certified indoor basketball builders to offer large discounts on their services and if you’re lucky to get one such builder, don’t hesitate to hire them.
  • The last tip- when possible, construct an indoor basketball court that’s multi-purpose. Such that you can also use it to play other indoor sports e.g. volleyball, tennis, as well as basketball. This will save you a lot of money the day you or your kids will want to play any other indoor sport.


Now you know the real cost of bringing up a complete indoor basketball court. With the right budget in mind, you can buy the different accessories we’ve discussed above, hire a skilled basketball court builder, and get the job done within days.

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