How to Get Better Grip on Basketball Shoes

Ever been on the court simply to slip and slide when an offensive player drives past you to the hoop

Or, tried grabbing a rebound only to have another player out-jump you?

Worn out shoes on the court are a problem, especially slippery (indoor) surfaces.

This how-to guide will help you improve your game, avoid slipping and sliding, and keep up with any offensive player on the defensive end.

Importance of good grip :

Whether driving to the hoop or going for a loose ball and diving to the ground, basketball players need shoes with good grip. They help:

  • Keep you from slipping, falling, or injuring your ankles during play.
  • Help optimize speed and allow you to keep up with opponents.
  • Guarantee optimal mobility, especially when turning directions quickly, on the court.

In addition to this, shoes with good grip help you avoid injury when playing at fast pace, or competitive games on the court.

Remove dust : 

Believe it or not, a thin layer of dust can cause the slipping and sliding on the court. So, make sure you wipe the bottom of your shoes prior to lacing up for each game. Whether in or outdoor shoes, you want to eliminate dust and debris from the bottom of the shoes.

Wipe them with a damp cloth and allow that to dry prior to use. (Make sure you are using the appropriate indoor or outdoor shoes, based on the surfaces you are playing on).

Enhancers : 

There are specific products you can use to enhance the grip on the bottom of your shoes. Products like grip lotions or sticky mats will help retain stability, and avoid your shoes from getting worn out too quickly.

Sticky mats are placed beside the court and players step on them prior to entering the game. You can pour grip lotion onto a towel and step on it prior to entering the game as well to help improve traction. Hair-spray (or products with a binding agent built in) might also work on certain soles you apply it to.

There are also foam solutions, sprays you apply directly to the bottom of your shoes, or other applications you can apply to the shoes.

Purchasing enhancers which are specifically intended for basketball shoes, is the best option when you want to improve traction on worn-out shoes.


If you don’t purchase an enhancer to improve grip/traction, you can always do it yourself. Sand paper is an excellent option to help you improve the grip on the soles of your worn-out shoes. Simply take a piece of sand paper, and swipe the bottom of your shoes.

This will help roughen up the bottom of your shoes, and help improve traction/stability, when you are moving at fast speeds on the court.

Keep shoes damp/moist :

It is common for players to slip and fall when the shoes aren’t moist or damp enough on the sole. Due to the heat/friction, and fast speed, you need counter surface (dry floor with the damp/moist bottom of the sole). This combination will help keep you on your feet, avoid slips and falls, and help prevent injuries on the court.

The simple solution to the problem? Spit on the sole of your shoes, or you can alternatively lick your hands and wipe at the bottom of your shoes prior to getting into the game.

 This is a temporary solution to improving the grip on the soles of your sneakers, but it is one which might at least get you through the remainder of your game if you are in a tight situation.

Conclusion :

There are a few products you can purchase, or you can try out a few simple products (such as hair spray or acetone) which you have lying around your home, to help improve the grip, and improve traction on the court when playing a basketball game.

A simple solution to the problem is to make sure you are using the right shoes (indoor or outdoor) based upon where you are playing. But, even as time passes, the soles are going to wear.

So, when the time comes, you want to use a few different methods to help improve traction, keep you grounded, and ensure you aren’t going to blow a big defensive play during a game.

Consider enhancers as your first option. But, if you can’t purchase these solutions right away, or need a quick solution during game-play, there are a few alternate approaches you can try above.

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