Five Basic NBA Basketball Rules

Founded on June 6,1946, the National Basketball Association (NBA) is the organization that regulates professional basketball. Behavior of players and coaches as well as game play is managed by this association. The organization has evolved from an eleven team, all Caucasian organization, to a thirty team, diverse association.

NBA Team Rules

Professional basketball teams must have five players on the basketball court. At no time is it allowed for the team to have less than five players on the court. When a player earns six personal fouls and all possible substitutes are benched because of fouls they have earned, the player will stay in the game.

The player’s team will team will receive a technical foul while the player will be charged with both a team foul and a personal foul.

If a player becomes sick while playing, the referees will stop the game as soon as the player’s team has new possession of the ball.

Substitution of the player will be allowed and the team will not receive a technical foul. A substitution by the opposing team will also be permitted.

NBA Rules for Player/Team Dress and Conduct

All professional basketball players must be dressed as the rest of their team members when they are introduced before the game begins.

Players are only allowed to wear commercial logos on their shoes. Coaches and their assistants are required to wear either suit or sport coats when their teams are playing.

Players are not allowed to wear T-shirts and are required to keep the shirts of their uniforms tucked into their shorts. When the National Anthem is played, players, coaches and trainers have to stand in a line on either the sidelines or foul line. A respectful, dignified stance is expected by members of the team while the Anthem is played.

NBA Rules for Out-of-Bounds

A basketball player is considered to be out-of-bounds when any part of his person comes in contact with an object or the floor that is outside of the drawn boundaries.

Balls that touch any object, person or floor outside of the drawn boundaries are out-of-bounds. The supports of the backboard are also considered out-of-bounds. Balls that go over the boundary lines without touching the ground are out-of-bounds as well.

NBA Game Timing

Professional basketball games are divided into four twelve minutes periods. When the ball is not in play, the game clock does not run. There are breaks of 130 seconds between the first and second periods as well as the third and fourth periods.

Basketball’s half-time comes between the second and third periods and is fifteen minutes long. When a team has to bench a player, they have thirty seconds to replace him. When the game has a tied score and an overtime is required, the teams will have a 130 second break before the overtime period starts.

NBA Rules About Fighting Punching and Elbow Fouls

The NBA does not condone or tolerate violent actions of any kind by its players while playing the game. Even if provoked, NBA players are expected to act as professionals on the court and contain their anger. Players who participate in violent behavior of any kind face ejection from the game, fines and/or suspensions.

Players who throw punches of any kind will be thrown out of the game. This applies whether or not the punch made contact with another person. Players whose elbows make contact with another person above the shoulder will also be ejected from the game.

If, after reviewing the game tape, a player is found to have violated the rules of violent contact, he will be subject to a penalty.

Understanding basic rule of NBA Basketball allows individuals to better understand and follow the game. Knowing a little of NBA history allows fans to appreciate where the organization has come from. Armed with more knowledge of this sport, fans can cheer with the rest of the crowd comfortable with the fact that they can better follow the game.

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