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Top 10 Best Indoor Basketball Reviews 2017 with Buying Guide

You love playing basketball very much. And now you want to take the game indoors. In that case, you require the best indoor basketball that’s smooth, soft and comfortable to grip. That’s the first step towards enjoying a maximum indoor basketball game experience for years to come.

Getting your hands on a great indoor basketball isn’t always an easy task. 99% professional basketball players and coaches will nod their heads in agreement.

The process will take you days to research, consult your team members (or players), and make a decision based on the recommended products. Otherwise, you might end up with an inferior quality product.

If you don’t have any experience in the basketball game, the challenge might be even bigger than you think…

But we’re fully committed to helping you take your indoor basketball game to the next level- to the international scale. In such regard, we’ve selected the right equipment to get you going. Yes, we got a list of the top indoor basketballs that will never disappoint you.

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Our results were based on consultations with professional basketball players, over 100,000 customers’ reviews, and our in-depth research. This way, we were able to distill hundreds of balls available on the market today into TEN finest products.

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Before we open our list of these great indoor basketballs, there’s something more important you need to know. That is, things you need to consider before buying that basketball…

What to Look For Before Buying an Indoor Basketball?

This is exactly what you should be looking for when buying an indoor basketball:

Cover Material

The cover material used to make the basketball is one of the top factors to always pay attention to. The most popular material used for indoor basketballs is the composite/synthetic leather. This is because the material has a softer feel, offers a better grip, and requires no break in.


Don’t ignore this factor. At what price is the manufacturer selling their indoor basketball? As you know, indoor basketballs are usually expensive due to the high cost of material used to make them.

But this does not mean that you should spend hundreds of dollars for a high-end ball. Do your research well and you’ll land on incredible basketballs meant for indoor use going between $36.99 and $99.99. Nice for you budget, right?

User Experience

This is the firsthand information about the product you intend to buy you can’t turn away from. It helps you get an idea of how the ball has performed in the past.

This information is readily available and at no cost. Count on Google as your best friend and you’ll gain access to thousands of user reviews on that particular ball you want to buy.


Like any other product, selected brands of indoor basketballs enjoy praises from thousands of satisfied customers. As a wise a buyer, you’d go for such brands rather than those you know little or nothing about.

The best basketball brands that will give you the actual value for your money are Nike, Molten, Baden, Spalding, Rawlings, Wilson, and Under Armour.

Wider Channels

Here, we’re referring to the black indent that runs around the ball. If you thought that these are just decorations on your indoor basketball, you’re very wrong.

The channels are meant to help you grip the ball easier. Different balls have different channel thickness depending on the manufacturer. The wider the channels, the easier it is for you to grip and palm the ball.

Air retention Technology

The last thing you’d want your ball to do is to lose the air pressure and become flat when you’re in the middle of your indoor game. You want your ball to remain tight and round at all times. You can always avoid this disappointment by going for balls with advanced air retention technology.

This enables them to hold air pressure for a longer time compared to the regular basketball. A good example of balls with such technology is those made by Spalding. These balls can hold the inflated air up to ten times longer than any other basketball out there.

Moisture Absorption

Keep in mind that while enjoying your indoor game, your hands will be sweating. Additionally, the floor might become wet. This might make your ball so wet that it slips out of your hands now and then, leading to poor control and hence frustrations during the game.

Good news is that you can get moisture absorbing indoor basketballs that work like a sponge, preventing the ball from slipping off your hands.

Additional factors to consider when buying an indoor basketball: internal air pump, smart basketball, wave grip, and NFHS/NCAA approval.

Let’s now turn to our list of great basketball for you indoor game…

Top 10 Best Indoor Basketballs 2017 Picks

1. Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball Review

If there’s that one indoor basketball that will make you dunk like a pro, then it must be Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball. Straight from Wilsons, a highly reputable brand, the ball leaves you with zero regrets. Plus it’s a great choice for intermediates. The fact that it has been approved by NFHS and NCAA raises its bar even higher.

Wilsons employs high-end technologies in the manufacturer of this ball which makes it cut high above its competitors.

Just look at the Cushion Core Technology, one of the most innovative features you’ll not enjoy in any other ball.

This technology utilizes a mixture of sponge rubber ad butyl to enable it to deliver the softest feel and the best bounce (or consistency)!

Gripping your indoor basketball isn’t a problem anymore. This ball is covered with microfiber composite leather that gives you optimal control of the ball. Holding and dribbling the ball is one of the best experiences you’ll never forget after using this ball.

We noted that many users commended this ball for its ability to hold air pressure for a long time. Because if this, it’s able to bounce consistently and for years.

Lastly, this ball presents you with unmatched durability. For this reason, get ready to use it for many more years to come. It’s the ball to help you win BIG on your next basketball game!

Highlighted Features:

  • Superior Grip Offered by Thousands of Micro-Pebble Touch Points on Its Surface.
  • Enhanced Control, Thanks to The Moisture-Wicking, Laid-in Channels.
  • Cushioned Core Promotes Exceptional Feel.
  • Game Ready, Right Out of The Box.
  • Unmatched Durability.
  • NCAA and NFHS Approved.
Best Indoor Basketballs Reviews,Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball Review

Baden may be little known compared to powerhouses like Wilson and Spalding. But let nobody try to fool you about the quality of their products. Baden also makes high-quality basketballs. In fact, it has been approved by NFHS. And you’ll find this particular ball in many high schools, colleges as their official ball.

Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball has been able to fix two top issues that have been giving basketball players awful experiences during the game:

  • Sweat coming from your hands which make the ball feel slippery.
  • Inconsistent bouncing that results from cushioning. You know how frustrating it feels when the ball fails to come up as high as you expected for no particular reason?

The Baden indoor basketball fixes these problems due to the patented feature it comes with (which also makes the ball unique). This feature is Cushion Control Technology.

And it gives the ball a softer feel and high-quality bounces capabilities due to thousands of tiny air cells embedded on the material cover.

Another key feature of this ball is the Stealth Soft-Valve system that actually reduces rubber exposure in the valve system. This, in turn, helps soften the valve panel for better control.

If you want an indoor basketball that will stand the test of time, try this Baden model. You’ll never get disappointed. Scuffs don’t show up on this ball like they do on other models.

Highlighted Features:

  • Baden’s Top of The Line Indoor Basketball with NFHS Approval.
  • Recessed Stealth Soft-Valve System Offers an Almost Undetectable Valve.
  • Patented Cushion Control Technology for True Bounce, Softer Feel, a Longer Life.
  • Perfection Symmetrical Design Gives You a Perfectly Balanced Ball with No Lumps or Inconsistent Bounces.
  • Patented Advanced Microfiber Cover Plus Perfect Tack for Optimum Playability.

Any competitive indoor game deserves nothing less of a great indoor basketball, just like this fantastic model from Spalding. This is one of the most praised indoor basketballs in the basketball industry.

It’s also the favorite pick for many high school and colleges players across the states. In simpler terms, this is one of the great indoor basketballs that you should go for if you want to have a good play.

Let’s jump straight to the ball’s cover material: it’s made of ZK composite leather! This makes one hell of a ball that does not disappoint.

Starting with the soft touch this cover gives you, and you’ll truly enjoy an unparalleled playing experience. That’s exactly what every player want with a great ball.

The cover also makes the ball extremely durable. Yes! Even after years of using the ball, it remains highly functional. It also maintains its excellent quality, unlike other basketballs that deteriorate after months of use.

Good news- we finally caught up with the features in this ball gives players sleepless nights.

Wanna hear it?

Well, this is the responsive core center. This feature allows true rebound delivery, making the ball bounce better than ever before (and without interfering with the ball’s durability). Every user loves. You’ll definitely love it too.

When it comes to management of moisture, we can only term this ball as a superstar in the industry. Its ability to wick moisture is exceptional, keeping your hand totally dry as you play.

Thus, optimally controlling the ball and holding it better becomes a simple task. Don’t let your sweaty hands stop you from experiencing the real fun of an indoor basketball game with a real ball.

The ball’s air retention capabilities and structural integrity are other to reason why everyone likes the ball. As you can see, the ball comes with a well-thought design that enables you to have a good time in the court today and for many more years to come.

Highlighted Features:

  • Advanced moisture management technology.
  • Exclusive ZK microfiber composite cover for superior feel and maximum durability.
  • Deep channel design ensures the best grip- ideal for all shooters.
  • 100% nylon windings promote structural integrity.
  • 85% Butyl Bladder offers improved air retention.

If you’re a hardcore basketball player, or you participate in professional leagues, this is the perfect ball to horn your skills with at your indoor setting. Especially due to the simple fact that this is the official ball also used in WNBA and NBA games. This can be taken to mean that the ball meets the NBA size and weight specifications.

There’s one thing that sets this ball from its rivals. And that is its cover material which bears the genuine Zi/O composite leather construction.

Many customers couldn’t hide their joy on this particular feature. They expressed the fact that it made them “feel like I have two indoor basketballs in one.”

Its durability too is beyond explanation, making it the ideal ball for long-term use.

Though tough on the outside, it’s also pretty soft to offer you a tacky feel.

We can’t fail to mention the foam-backed design of this ball. It will make you change your decision and buy this Spalding model right away.

The main benefit you’ll enjoy from this design is a superior grip. The bigger benefit is that the design prevents the ball from slipping out of your hands when you’re dribbling or simply trying to keep other players from getting it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Exclusive Zi/O composite leather material cover.
  • Foam-backed design for superior grip and improved feel.
  • Official NBA weight and size.
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor play.
  • Deep channel design promotes better dribbling.
  • Maximum durability.
  • Reasonable price tag.

So you think you’re ready to enjoy an indoor basketball game with a ball similar to that used by the NBA?


Spalding TF-1000 Classic Indoor Basketball offers you the chance to do so. This is a regulation size (29.5”) basketball for the official play that boasts of NFHS approval, making it an ideal choice for all your basketball programs.

This Spalding basketball is simply a maximum performance scoring tool that NEVER disappoints. It’s constructed from exclusive ZK composite leather, which allows you to enjoy one great and fun benefit.

That is, it provides excellent moisture management capabilities ensuring a superior grip to your ball throughout the game. So, in case your hands or the floor gets wet, it’s not going to affect your game in any way!

Still at it, the composite leather cover material gives the ball a smooth, softer feel as expected of a great indoor basketball. Despite the softer feel, the ball is incredibly tough.

This ensures maximum durability, allowing you to use the ball for years.The wider channel construction in this ball is a good reason to smile.


It makes it easy to grip the ball, adding to the overall superior grip capabilities of the ball. This ball comes fully inflated, ready for the game.

Overall, this is the indoor basketball that you cannot get enough of, from durable design to maximum grip and optimal control; you’ll have a great time playing your indoor game.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of exclusive ZK microfiber composite material for a dry, tacky feel and soft touch.
  • Wider channel design enhances easier grip.
  • 100% nylon windings ensure maximum structural integrity.
  • Designed for indoor play only.

Right from its name, you can see that this is a replica of the NCAA basketball. That means that it meets all the NCAA requirements and will provide the players with a serious playtime. If you’re also looking for a great basketball for younger players, this is also the right choice for you.

We noted one particular feature that has captivated the attention of many previous users- the ability to absorb moisture. A great feature indeed. When you’re playing basketball, your hands will set from sweat. That’s unavoidable.

Luckily, Wilsons designed this ball such that it can quickly wick the moisture. This keeps the ball dry throughout, and you won’t have the common problems of the ball slipping out of your hands or getting out of control.

Composite Leather construction: Another exciting feature of this ball. This kind of leather is popularly known for its durability, meaning that the ball gives you the real value for your money. With this basketball, you don’t have to worry about using it even on the tough outdoor surfaces. This is where longevity gets a new meaning.

When purchasing a basketball, you’d also like to know how it feels in your hands. For this particular ball, it offers you a tacky feel. Apparently, this is another great feature from the ball as it allows you to have total control of the ball.

Highlighted Features:

  • Wilson’s No.1 Selling Composite Basketball.
  • Patented Composite Laid In Channels.
  • Patented Cushion Core Technology.
  • Moisture absorbing composite Leather cover material.
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor play.
  • Replica of NCAA Official Game Ball.

7. Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

Under Armour may not have been in the game for long but after using their indoor basketball above, you’ll agree with me that they’ve brought a huge impact in the world of sports.

This ball is like no other in terms we put to performance. We couldn’t deny the fact that many reviews were triumphal about how the ball felt in their hands.

The grip: the feel  the softness. All are at their best levels in this ball to give you a good play. The composite leather material that covers this ball offers you a pretty smooth surface for dribbling and shooting!

You’ll enjoy the excellent control and grip you’ll enjoy over this ball as you move don’t the court, all thanks to the GripSkin Technology.

The consistency of under Armour 495: it’s exactly what you wished it to be. From what previous users commented on this ball, it’s no doubt that its bouncing capabilities are above average. You’ll fall in love with how smoothly and flawlessly it bounces up and down as you move past your opponents.

One more thing you’ll appreciate in this ball is the wide channel design. Without a single doubt, these will help you grip and palm the ball better. So if the grip is always your highest priority in any basketball of your choice, this particular ball will make an excellent choice.

The ball is ideal for both professionals and beginners who want to try out their skills in the basketball game- either indoors or outdoors. The reasonable price tag will favor your budget and the value you’ll get from the ball.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can be used indoor/outdoor use.
  • Deep channel design for the best grip.
  • Full ball pebbling- UA doesn’t cut corners.
  • Available in size 6 and 7- for women’s and men’s competitions respectively.
  • 100% nylon windings offer consistency and superior durability.
  • 100% Butyl Bladder delivers a perfect air tension that keeps the ball tight and round all-game long.
  • UA’s exclusive gripskin microfiber composite promotes stronger grip.

If you’re looking for the basketball for indoors with a young player in mind, this ball is your perfect choice. That it’s meant for youth, bear in mind that it works well when used for recreational play. Nevertheless, Spalding promises to deliver the same high quality in this ball as with all its other great basketballs (including those used in the NBA)

One thing that sets this indoor/outdoor basketball from the other models in the marketplace is its weight.

If you lift the ball, you’ll agree with Spalding that it’s way too light. In fact, it’s 25% lighter than the other models. This mean that kids as young as eight years old will have an easy time lifting the ball.

So, if you want your kid to nurture their basketball talent from their young age, you should get this ball right away.

Though intended for use by kids, the ball still delivers a superior quality similar to that of its brothers. Meaning that Spalding keeps their word not to compromise the quality.

This can be proved by the composite leather cover. Apart from making the ball soft, it also makes it durable- so durable that it withstands even the outdoor use.

The time to make your kids learn the important basketball techniques is now. The above ball is the best thing you can give to them if you truly want them to take your game to the next level.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Made of composite leather for soft feel and maximum durability.
  • Excellent grip allows your kids easier handling.
  • Available in a variety of colors.

The perfect way to close our list of top-rated basketballs for indoor plays is by presenting you with a ball that comes with high-quality features at a great price.

Adidas Performance All Court Basketball is a truly durable ball that works on all surfaces. Whether you’re practicing on the pavement or hardwoods, this is the perfect ball for you.

Stitched with an incredibly durable synthetic leather cover, it’s a long-lasting ball that helps you enjoy good plays for years.

When fully inflated, the ball feels soft, tackier, and comfortable in your hands. Plus it has the superior feel that you’d expect to get in any great indoor basketball.

If you’re on a budget, this is the right ball for you. It offers you superior features at an attractive price tag.

Every user is happy with the ball’s functionality and quality. The great feel. Maximum durability. And the ability to work on all surfaces.

Highlighted Features:

  • Synthetic leather composite cover enhances maximum durability.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Comes with butyl bladder that offers the best air retention.
  • Attractive price.

There’s a special reason why this basketball is among our top picks of the best performing indoor basketballs. And that reason is- it offers you multiple features that will be of significant benefits to even the professional basketball players.

Don’t forget that the ball also meets the NBA ball specifications. This is expected of basketball from Spalding as it’s the brand used in professional WBNA and NBA games…

Now: this ball features a peddling design that includes a foam backing to offer you the softest and tackiest feel when using it.

This gives you a good grip and makes the ball extremely comfortable in all basketball courts.

The cover material used in this ball is the top-quality Zi/O composite leather material that gives it the look and feel of an official NBA ball. Plus the ultimate durability that allows you to use the ball for years.

The ball is shipped to you game-ready. That is, it’s fully inflated. The moment you get it out of the box, you can start dribbling it in your indoor gym.

As all the users have expressed, the ball has the highest quality for the intended use. It will last for many years under regular use, without fading of its original color or loss of grip.

The two particular attributes of this ball that received the most praises are an excellent quality and unmatched durability. The customers loved the fact that they can use the ball on various surfaces (indoor and outdoor settings) without affecting its strength.

The story gets better when you realize that the ball maintains a consistent bouncing with continued use. The grip remains stronger as time goes by. The quality and color of the ball do not fade with time, unlike its competitors.

Highlighted Features:

  • Official size basketball.
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Zi/O composite leather cover that looks and feels genuine.
  • Full ball pebbling for a soft and tacky feel.
  • Meets ALL NBA stringent specifications.
  • Foam backing design offers superior grip.

Indoor Basketball Hoops Buying Guide

We’re happy to present you with our ultimate indoor basketball hoops shopping guide.

The primary goal of this guide is to help you pick the best indoor basketball hoop that meets all your specific basketball system needs and requirements.

After reading this guide, you’ll be able to make an informed decision- LET'S GET GOING:

First things first: before you looking for any basketball hoop, the first and the most important step is determining which type of game you want to play. And on what surface you’ll play it on.

In our case here, we’re looking for a system for indoor use…

Once you have got this information at your fingertips, start looking for the following specific features in basketball hoops:

Type of Hoops:

There are three main types of basketball hoops available on the marketplace. These are portable, wall-mount, and in-ground.

  • PORTABLE: Probably the most popular, these basketball hoops come with a base that you simply fill with sand/liquid to make it stable. They’re a favorite for most homes since they’re easier to transport and install compared to the other setups.
Best PORTABLE Basketball Hoop
  • WALL-MOUNT: Though less favored, these hoops are relatively stable since you attach them to the building. Got a garage and driveway sitting next to each other? Great! This unit will be the perfect choice for you.
  • IN-GROUND: These are the most stable types of hoops. Simply because the support poles cemented into the ground using concrete. If you’re a serious player and want to get serious about your game, we recommend you to install this type of unit. But note that this unit will not work for you if you’re often moving.
best in ground hoop

Another important aspect of the hoop you should pay close attention to is the rim. Most rims are made of steel with a diameter of 18 inches where a full-size basketball can freely pass through. The main difference between various rims is how they connect to the backboard.

For the highly priced hoops, there’s a spring-loaded breakaway system for excellently absorbing slum dunks without compromising your backboard. If you intend to perform dunking on your hoop, be on the lookout for this feature.

best basketball rims
basketball Backboard

As for the backboards, you need to look at the material it’s made of, and the size.

Why material? Well, the type of material used your backboard significantly determines how the ball bounces off on hitting it, with glass being considered the best material.

You’ll also get inexpensive hoops made of steel or molded plastic. The one might offer you an average performance.

The size also matters. And for this reason, backboards come in many sizes. They also assume different shapes (wit rectangular and fan being the most common).

As for serious players, you need a large rectangular shaped, glass backboard.

Basketball Net

The main materials used to make basketball nets are nylon and strong chain links. Though both materials have great performances, each has a major downside. Nylon nets will wet out much faster while chain link nets will rust with time. Choosing the right net is, therefore, a matter of personal preference.


The primary function of the bracket on the hoop is to connect the backboard to the pole, roof, or wall. Brackets that attach near the backboard’s edges are better as they offer maximum stability. Also, note that brackets that hold the backboard away from the wall/pole are great as they promote an easy play (especially rebounding).

Top Quality Basketball Brackets

When it comes to poles of your freestanding indoors hoop, they should be height adjustable, and allow you to raise or lower the rim.

High quality basketball Poles
Basketball Base Review

The base determines how stable your hoop will be.Portable hoops come with huge a base that needs to be filled with water or sand to hold it into place. Additionally, the base features wheels so that you can easily move it when not in use.

Needless to say, these hoops are not as stable the wall, ground, and roof-mounted hoops.

Personalizing your indoor basketball setup can add more fun to your indoor basketball game as well as make the shoot-around much easier. Here are some fabulous accessories to help personalize your hoop:

Basketball Court Light

If you’re playing your game at the nighttime, a set of hoops light becomes handy. You just attach it to the top of you backboard to get a clear sight of the goals.

Ball Returns
Ball Returns:

They simply do as their name suggest- bringing errant balls back. It helps save much of your energy and time when practicing shooting as you won’t be running for the ball.

They usually come in the form of large nets that you stretch out beneath the basket. Still they can be in the form of devices that you simply attach to the rim’s underside.

Indoor Basketball Game Tips: How to Play It Better?

Now you’ve got the ideal basketball for your indoor play, the right basketball for indoor setup, and the best indoor-outdoor basketball shoes. You’ve got the best of everything! And you’re ready for the indoor basketball game.

But something is missing!

You need some powerful indoor basketball game tips to get you going. Luckily, we’ve compiled for you five of the most powerful tips right below here...

  • Before you roll out for the game, eat energy giving foods that will sit well on your stomach. This is something like fruits or packed foods that are rich in carbs. But DON’T feed on those sugary candies.
  • Practice every day. There’s no pint of investing in all the above types of equipment if you plan to use them for a single day or one week. If you want to improve your skills significantly, you’ve to make it a habit of practicing every day, for many days. As the old age goes, practice makes a man perfect.
  • Always remember the BEEF rule. It stands for Balance, Elbow, Eyes, and Flow through. Among all the other things, it will skyrocket your shooting techniques and make you a better player, if not the best.
  • Let juggling be part of your practice. It’s ideal for improving your hand-eye coordination, depth perception, peripheral vision, neuron-muscular balance, ambidexterity, quickness under control, etc.
  • Remember to work on your ball handling techniques. Why? Even if you don’t have the best shot, with great ball handling techniques, you’ll be a BIG benefit to your team.

Bonus tip

Practice whenever and wherever you can. Ask a professional coach for suggestions. Always do your very best. And soon enough, you’ll be in the best team!

Final Verdict:

There you go! We’ve presented you with our list of the all-time top quality indoor basketballs that reign the sports industry. Hopefully, this post will help you get the best indoor basketball that meets all your needs.

All the balls featured on our list have earned praises, popularity from millions of users. They’ve helped many, including the beginners, raise their skills indoor and rise to international levels. Best of all, they’re quite affordable.

Whether you want an indoor basketball for fun and exercise, for your rising star kid, or for serious indoor practice, we’ve got you covered. Our list has everything you need. All you have to do is pick the right ball that meets your needs and place an order now.

Best of Luck! 🙂

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