How much does it cost to build a basketball gym?

How much does it cost to build a basketball gymnasium? Ultimate Guide

If you are looking to build a full size professional gym or you just want to install the basketball hoop for yourself or even for your child there are a lot of options available.

There are many guides present to help you with your to build a court but to get an actual estimate is very hard.

The important thing before starting the installation is to plan according to your budget. In this article I will try to give a proper estimate of the things you need for your court.

First thing that you will need to decide is that whether you want an indoor court or an outdoor one. Again this depends on your budget.

First you need to keep in mind the excavation cost of the land to start your construction. For an indoor gym you would have to consider the cost of walls and the roof.

Things to consider before planning for a basketball gymnasium:​

There are two options available for you one is to use wooden blocks and the other to use steel. Of course using steel has some advantages over the wood as most experts suggest that steel costs less and lasts longer.

One other advantage of steel over wood is the labor cost. The steel comes in kit form and can easily be built by someone with no experience. To compare the costs for the wooden frame is about 35$-45$ per square feet, While for the steel one the cost is as low as 9$ per sf.

Another thing you have to consider for the indoor court is the lighting equipment to be able to play at night and to install in door heating for winter.


The next thing to consider is the floor. The standard size of the court according to NBA is 94 feet longand 50 feet wide. For the floor whether it is an indoor court or an outdoor one the first thing is to lay down the concrete floor.

The average cost of a concrete floor is estimate at about 6$ per SF. This cost also depends on your location and the cost of transportation. The next is to choose the flooring type.

Outdoor Court:

First we have a look at the options available for the outdoor courts. The common flooring used for the outdoor courts is made of polymers. While selecting the tiles you must keep in mind some tips.

You should consider that the initial investment should be minimum, the material should be long lasting and high performance and it should be weather resistant and UV stable.

One thing you should also consider that the surface should be low skin abrasions. The average cost for polymer flooring for the outdoor court is about 4$-6$ per sf. The two types of flooring present in market bounce back and shock absorption provide more safety and are favored by athletes.

outdoor basketball court

For indoor court flooring there are many options available according to your budget. The most common choice for indoor flooring as found in most NBA stadiums is hardwood maple flooring. The hard maple wood is made with fine fiber and tightly packed grains.

It two big advantages is that they is no danger of splintering and it forms a smooth surface making the surface smooth and low maintenance. One way to ensure durability of the flooring is to use the high-performance coating.

Indoor court:

It gives the wood pleasant finishing and is very attractive to visitors. Its other features are that it gives better bounce to the ball, provides shock absorption and gives waterproofing to the flooring.

The average cost of maple hardwood flooring is about 4$-7$ per square foot. While there are some other options for indoor flooring are also present in the market.

A more affordable option is a multipurpose laminate flooring. Some of the features of this kind of flooring are better traction, low skin abrasions and more safety.

basketball gym

Basketball hoop:

We have considered the cost of the building and flooring until now. The next step for your construction would be to install the basketball hoop.

For its installation, you have 3 things to look into i.e. the types of hoop, backboard, and the rim. The first type of hoop is the portable one. It costs from as low as 50$ to highest as “the Spalding NBA portable system” which costs 1200$. These are good for homes as it is easy to transport, but are not very stable.

It basically comes with a base which can be filled with some material to provide support. The second type is in-ground hoops these hoops are put in the ground with the help of concrete.

This provides extra stability. If you are building your court for serious players then this hoop would be the best choice. One other consideration is that its installation cost would be higher. Its cost ranges from 200$ to more than 2000$.

The third type is wall-mount hoop; it’s not as popular these days. But it’s a great choice if you want to install in your garage or driveway. The second part is the backboard; there are several types of boards available in the market.

The three common types are polycarbonate, acrylic, and tempered glass. The NBA standard size is 6 feet horizontally and 3.5 feet vertically.Most important part of the hoop is the ring. Many modern rings come with spring which helps to minimize the danger of backboard breaking when dunked. We recommend the Spalding 66291 Pro Slam Portable Basketball System with 54-Inch Acrylic Backboard

basketball hoop

  Spalding 66291 Pro Slam Portable Basketball System with 54-Inch Acrylic Backboard

Bottom line
To summarize the discussion I would like to quote Brent Barnhisel owner of Rhino Courts of Indianapolis. The company specializes in the construction of half and full courts. According to him the price of the construction can vary greatly.

A half court with hoop can be built for around 10000$. While according to Brent,the cost of a fully customized court with lighting system in 25000$. But if you have a tight budget then you can build a simple concrete court in around 5000$-6000$. Some useful tips to cut the cost while building the court should be considered.

First think what your objective is if you are building for serious practice or just for fun. If you are only building for family then you can build a half court with only one hoop. Second important thing before hiring a contractor always do a proper research, your aim is to get quality work at better rates.

Third advice I would like to give you is try to build a multipurpose court where you can play other sports also. Now you have an idea of the cost to build your court make your plan according to your needs and your budget and get started.

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