Basketball and the Court of Self Improvement

Basketball legend Bobby Knight once said that "you don't play basketball against opponents, you play against the game of basketball."

Basketball is a competitive sport on the high school, college, and professional level in the United States. With that said, a significant number of people participate in basketball in a wide array of different types of recreational leagues and programs.

While basketball is a challenging, competitive sport, as the quote from Coach Knight suggests, the game allows a person the ability to embark on a course of self improvement. There are a number of ways in which basketball can be invaluable in your own quest for self improvement.

History of Sports and Self Improvement

A significant study examined the role that sports of different types has on an individual's quest for self improvement. The study, entitled "Self-Improvement In and Through Sports: Cultural-Historical Perspectives," considered data from different historical periods. The periods utilized in this study were the 1950s, the 1970s, and the 1980s.

The researchers involved in this study concluded that sports, including basketball, have been a major element in the lives of men, and to a lesser degree women, when it comes to embarking on a course of self improvement.

The gender distinction is that more men do seek out athletic participation, including playing basketball, when they have a desire to improve themselves physically and in other ways as well. While some women do turn to sports and athletics as means of self improvement, the do so in lesser numbers than their male counterparts.

The research referenced is important in its analysis of sports, including basketball, and self improvement. The study contends that the so-called self improvement culture really came into being during the latter half of the 20th century, during the 1950s.

People did seek to improve their lots in life before that time, of course. However, the pinpointing the specific objective to participate in activities for the primary or sole purpose of self improvement really came to the forefront in the 1950s and forward.

Exercise is Fundamental When It Comes to Self Improvement

A well-balanced live includes exercise. A person not need be some sort of gym rat in order to accomplish the objective of proper exercise. However, a person enhances his or her overall health and improves his or her self image by adding a course of regular exercise into daily life.

Basketball provides a solid way for a person to engage in regular exercise. When a person selects basketball as one of his or her means of obtaining exercise, he or she is also selecting that is enjoyable. As a result, exercise doesn't devolve into a drag for individuals that elect to participate in recreational basketball.

Enter Into the Company of Positive People

Another key reason why basketball can be invaluable when a person is intent on embarking on a course of self improvement comes from the fact that an individual advances when in the company of positive people. By incorporating basketball into an overall effort of self improvement, a person has the ability to come together in the company of positive people. Moreover, these will likely be positive folks who share a common goal.

Basketball, Discipline, and Self Improvement

Even when basketball is played primarily for recreational as opposed to competitive purposes, discipline is required. Even practicing basketball, as opposed to playing a game, requires a steady level of discipline.

Embarking on a successful course of self improvement likewise requires discipline. In addition to aiding in a quest for self improvement in the ways described previously, basketball also assists a person in implementing tactics associated with discipline. Fostering a sense of discipline via basketball can positively impact a person in other areas of his or her life as well.

Basketball and Goal Setting

Basketball can be a helpful tool when it comes to the goal setting as well as decision making aspects of self improvement. The reality is that a person cannot effectively embark on a campaign of self improvement without delineating both long and short term goals.

Basketball presents a person interested in solid self improvement the ability to learn more about long and short term goals. The gams also enhances a person's ability to make decisions in high pressure situations.

Yet again, goal setting and decision making in the context of basketball can prove to be an invaluable learning experience for a person who needs to understand the importance of goal setting and decision making in the context of self and life improvement.

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