Baden Elite Indoor Basketball Review

Baden Elite Indoor Basketball Review

If you’re reading this post right now, one thing about you is for sure. You’re in need of a great indoor basketball that bounces consistently, has wide channels to grant you total control over it, remains active and effective after many years of use, and have been designed for any indoor setting.

As you know, finding such a great basketball for indoor play is a challenge.

Making your dream of excelling in basketball game remains our top priority. And in this post, we’ll walk you through one of the best indoor basketballs that you can use indoors. This is the Baden Elite Indoor Basketball- a ball that you’ll use and feel like you've had the best game in your life.

Let’s look at the interesting features this indoor basketball from Baden (the highly reputable basketballs manufacturer) offers you when you invest in it...

Baden Elite Indoor Basketball Perfection

You’ll play hundreds (if not thousands) indoor basketball games with Baden Elite indoor basketball. What makes it serve you for so long? The secret lies in the ball's cover material. That’s composite or synthetic leather. Experienced basketball players and coaches know very well that an excellent indoor basketball must be made of such material. Thus, you’ll see them buying this ball.

Aside from lasting for generations, other benefits you’ll enjoy from this cover material is that it gives you the softest feel in your hands. It does not require any break in time like leather.

Truer, Consistent Bounce for All Your Games:

Baden Elite Indoor Basketball Review

You always get frustrated when playing basketball. You try to bounce your ball, and it responds very well when it’s new. The consistency fades away with time. And this is where you start feeling disappointed.

Does this sound familiar?

If yes, our top indoor basketball above will replace your frustrations and bad experiences with perfect, repeated rebounds for all your plays.

Achieving such magical bouncing characteristics in this ball comes as a great improvement from Baden. Their designers came up with a perfect symmetrical design that made the ball perfectly balance all round, with no lumps that could result into inconsistent bouncing.

The manufacturer also invested in advanced air retention technology to ensure that the ball never goes flat for the best bouncing patterns that will help grow your dribbling skills faster than ever before.

Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball Review

Better Ball Control:

​We can’t explain how you can achieve total control of the ball without touching on the channel design.

Baden Elite Indoor Basketball Channel Material

Seeing the channels acts as enough evidence that this indoor basketball is a perfection version from Baden.

When you touch the channels with your hands, the experience becomes almost real. Take the ball to your indoor court and from the first move to the end of the game- the experience becomes truly overwhelming. The ball ‘sticks’ in your hands and you can pass it to whoever you wish. That’s how much control you’ll have over the ball.

We attribute all this to the wide channel design injected into the ball by Baden.

Remember that the wider the basketball channels, the easier it is for you to grip and palm the ball.

Comfortable Feel and Play:

You must be comfortable with the basketball you’re using in your indoor setting. Whether you’re playing with your family/friend for fun or training for an upcoming game, comfort counts. Unfortunately, most manufacturers fail to customize their balls to make them comfortable to their players.

But Baden is an exception! They’ve employed the patented Cushion Control Technology to make this possible.

In simpler terms, this technology involves accumulation thousands of tiny air-filled cells that form a cushioned carcass around the ball. The result is a softer feel, a truer bounce, and a longer life!

All those who have used the ball before makes confessions of a smooth, soft feel and truer bounce.


If you’re wondering whether any professional basketball organization has ever endorsed this ball, here you have it. NFHS gives Baden Elite Perfection indoor basketball 100% approval. And if you didn’t know, NFHS (National Federation of State High school Associations) is the organization entrusted with making rules for most of the sports played in the high schools in the United States.

As such, NFHS approval means that the ball can be played in high school and college basketball games. This is important especially if you’re looking for a great indoor basketball for your high school or college team.

Excellent Moisture Absorption:

Your hands will sweat profusely when playing basketball. Also, there might be some moisture on the floor. All this makes your indoor basketball so wet that it slips off your hands whenever you’re playing.

That’s not pleasing; it’s an awful experience.

Thankfully, this doesn’t happen when you use the Baden Elite indoor basketball. The team behind the design has again done a great job of making the ball 100% moisture absorbent. Yes, it will absorb all the moisture on the floor and the sweat from your hands like a sponge. This way, your ball NEVER slips out of your hands, and you’ll be effective in your game!​

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  • NFHS approved.
  • No break in required.
  • Bouncing consistency.
  • Better air retention technology.
  • Patented cushion control technology.
  • Long-lasting indoor basketball.
  • No internal air pump
  • Some users complain that the ball feels too soft and sticky.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

01. Can I use this basketball for outdoor play as well?

  • NO, Baden Elite indoor basketball is designed for indoor use ONLY. This is evident from the outer skin cover which is made of composite leather.

02. Does Baden ship the ball in inflated state.

  • Yes. The manufacturer fully inflates the ball to make it game-ready the moment it arrives at your doorstep.

03.What makes this ball better than other indoor basketballs.

  • Baden Perfection Elite Indoor basketball offers you a better grip, absorbs moisture, and lasts longer.

Final Verdict:

Baden Elite basketball is a top-of-the-line basketball for anyone looking to polish their basketball skills indoors. The balls have been designed for optimum playability and consistency. You’ll feel a big difference immediately you start using this ball. The ball’s advanced microfiber cover gives the ball a perfect tack, moisture absorption. Best of all it last for a long time- your kids might inherit it from you.

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