Adidas Performance Men's Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe Review:

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe Review

The three stripes brand has been surprising us with new releases that are taking over the basketball shoe industry.

One such new version from the high reputable company is the Adidas Performance Men's Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe.

These sneakers will make you want to play basketball every minute, every hour, every day. They feature some of the top-rated Adidas technologies.

They come with a full-length energy returning boost that adds lifts to your jump shots, among many more impressive features.

Let’s discover more about this beautiful, top-performance shoe from Adidas.

We start with its list of top of the line features…

Excellent Fit

If you’re looking for a perfectly fitting shoe, you’d want to give this Adidas pair a try.

It fits so nicely compared to most shoes out there that feel completely loose. Once you put on the sneakers, you’ll feel its materials sitting comfortably and in a fitting manner over your toes and entire feet.

The fact that it comes with a narrow design plus a wide base gives it the excellent fitting properties!

Unique Traction

Just looking at the traction pattern of this shoe will be enough assurance that it will keep you attached to the smoothest courts you can think of.

The traction pattern comprises of thick lines that look like a maze (probably inspired by coral reef? You never know).

The groves are pretty thick, deep and feature sufficient spacing in between them to help offer a unique grip, even when dust or dirt gets trapped in the outsole.

If you take a closer look at the midsole, you’ll quickly notice that it wraps around the midsole, on the medial side. This promotes traction as well as stability during cuts.

What’s a better definition of a high-performance basketball shoe?

Quality Construction

Show me a show constructed with the highest quality, and I’ll show you the Adidas Performance Men's Crazy Explosive shoe.

Its upper section is constructed using Adidas Primeknit technology, a Geofit bootie right below the Primeknit upper, and an exceptional anatomical lacing system.

For once, you’ve got to agree with me that this is one the nicest uppers you’ve ever seen in any basketball shoes.

The Primeknit feels pretty soft and stretchy. The Geofit bootie also feels soft and wraps nicely around your feet.

These materials know no tear and wear and will make your shoe last for generations.

Experience The REAL Cushion

This basketball shoe features a full-length boost midsole- with the Stableframe right below it- to offer you better stability and response.

Additional, the boost midsole has also been caged on the side to maintain stability when you’re making cuts or crosses.

Besides offering you unmatched stability, the cushioning system feels soft to enhance the comfort.

Lightweight Sneakers

You don’t have to wear those heavy shoes that limit your versatility and movement along the basketball court when you can buy these lightweight shoes today.

The Crazy Explosive weighs around 13.83 ounces only. You might argue that this is too much weight (that’s ok because it features the Boost midsole that might make things a bit heavy)…

But you’ll still be surprised how the shoe feels on your feet and how swiftly it helps you move from one corner of the court to the next.


  • High-quality construction.
  • The most responsive cushioning system.
  • Comfortable textile lining.
  • Updated lacing system-true to size (fits nicely).
  • Unbeatable traction.
  • Extremely light shoe.


  • Players with wider feet might have fitting issues with this shoe.
  • A bit pricey (remember you get what you pay for).

Final Verdict

Without a single doubt, the Adidas Performance Men's Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe has all it takes to keep you playing/training in the basketball court for hours.

It features some of the best Adidas technologies and unique features that give it unique capabilities.

It’s a favorite for many players around the world who can’t get enough of its traction, cushion, lightweight, fit, support, durability, and aesthetic design.

This pair of sneakers is just Explosive!

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