Adidas Performance Men's Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe Review:

Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe Review

Looking for the best basketball shoe?

Great! We’ve something for you:

That’s the Adidas Performance Men's Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe! Professionally designed for serious basketball players, this high-top style sneaker comes with a great design and makes you feel ultimately comfortable as you enjoy the game.

It even features a memory foam footbed to help it deliver unparalleled performance.

I know this is the shoe you’ve been waiting for and can't wait to have your feet in it.

But before you do that, allow me to tell you other fascinating details about it:

It comes With a Durable Leather/Fabric Design

One of the first things we need to appreciate about this pair of amazing basketball sneakers is its unbeatable quality.

Looking at the top part, it comes with a durable leather material which means one thing- this shoe will retain its shape and last for years under regular user.

Besides, the collar, tongue and rear quarter are constructed using a sturdy fabric that won’t easily wear under regular use.

Overall, this is shoe will stand the test of time.

Grippy Rubber Outsole

I hate sliding…it’s an awful experiencing. I doubt if you like it.

This shoe from Adidas come with an outsole made from quality rubber. Not only that, the outsole features a grippy design such that it cannot easily slide- even when you’re playing on ultra-smooth surfaces.

Can you form a picture of a shoe sole firmly adhering to a smooth surface like a magnet does to steel and only comes out when you pull it?

That’s exactly the same experience this grippy outsole will give you.

Lightweight and Comfortable Basketball Shoe

This is what sets the ball from its rivals- comfort and lightweight design!

The secret?

Well, Adidas utilizes the Cloudfoam technology which makes your shoe feel lighter and more comfortable than ever before.

The Cloudfoam sock liner and midsole that comes fitted into this shoe will make your shoe feel as light as a feather.

To precise, it weighs as little as 12.8 ounces. This means you’ll be swiftly moving across the court when playing, unlike other shoes that tend to derail your performance with their overweight feel.

The fact that the same technology introduces a cushioning feeling to your feet makes the shoe completely comfortable for you.

Excellent Ventilation

Breathability is everything in a shoe… more so in basketball shoe, since your feet will be sweating a lot when you’re gaming.

What would happen if your shoe has no proper ventilation and you starts sweating?

Your feet will get soaked right inside your shoe, and you’ll have a hard time concentrating on your game with that uncomfortable feeling!

The reason why Adidas uses an air mesh fabric in the design of the collar, tongue and rear quarter in the design of this shoe is to increase the breathability of this shoe. And shield you from that awful feeling.

Furthermore, you’ll discover some perforations on the front and sides of the shoe that further aid in promoting ventilation.

Appealing Design

Besides giving you a comfortable and top-performing basketball shoe, the manufacturer of this sneakers also wanted to make it appealing to your eyes.

The shoe comes with a mid-cut design that looks super cool. Plus it comes in several colors for you to pick from.

Above all, the debossed and printed 3 Adidas stripes lying on the side of the shoe complete its appealing design!


  • Durable leather/fabric.
  • Excellent breathability properties.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Made by Adidas.
  • Lightweight shoe.
  • Grippy rubber outsole.
  • Cloudfoam midsole.
  • Cheap.


  • Some players complain that the sole falls apart quickly (this is probably a manufacturer defect, and stitching can help it hold for longer).

Final Verdict

When you have a great basketball shoe like the Adidas Performance Men's Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe, you feel comfortable. You perform at your best on the court, and you can reach your maximum potential.

This shoe has a lightweight design, long-lasting, and appealing design to help you enjoy the sport to the fullest.

It has excellent ventilation to improve your comfort and a grippy rubber sole to prevent unexpected sliding.

This is the basketball shoe from the future you’ve been waiting for!

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